'We owe it to the world’s children to tell them the truth about global warming — and related #fakenews scares like ‘ocean acidification’ and mass species extinction. Too many of them have been brainwashed into thinking they have no future; they are resentful and pessimistic where they should be positive and informed.'

Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Tangled Web they weave as they practise to deceive children on climate

There are dozens of sites, possibly hundreds, that are pushing out information and grounds for alarm to children and young people in and around our climate.  The variability of this climate poses problems, not least from the inevitable 'extreme values' that must occur from time to time in any particular characteristic subject to this variability, such as temperature or rainfall.  But these sites are not so much about climate as about 'blame' and political action, often using frightening images or language to engage with their targets and persuade them to hassle their parents, to change their lifestyles, and generally be scared witless about the future.  The complete lack of observational evidence to justify such treatment of the young does not deter them.  They have been told by the IPCC that the world is doomed unless we act soon, and they believe it.  The 'evidence', such as it is, is entirely based on the projections of computer models of climate specifically designed to give CO2 a large, indeed driving effect, a role which it steadfastly refuses to adopt in the real atmosphere.  Very commonly, these sites compare the atmosphere to a greenhouse - an all but entirely fatuous analogy, but one which has caught on very widely.  One day, pupils will laugh at any teacher who tries to explain why greenhouses get hot through 'trapping infra-red'.  But Miss, they will chuckle, greenhouses almost transparent to infrared would get just as hot as ordinary glass ones.  And unless 'Miss' has a red button on her desk, she will have some explaining to do.

I have put a partial listing of such sites on this blog.  It can be found as a 'Page', and can be reached via the link near the top right corner of the homepage.  Dave W has provided further information on some of these sites, and I am most grateful for his help.

If anyone out there would like to help with this, please email me (JSclimatelessonsatgmaildotcom) with the name of the site you plan to check out, so that we may reduce the chances of people working on the same one at the same time.

Please also email me with any errors or omissions you come across on the Page.  Thanks!


C3 said...

If teachers/instructors need charts for their presentations about climate change, they are free to use those located at C3 Headlines:


C3 Editor

Anonymous said...

Hi John..
Ref 10:10 campaign and my letter to my headtecher..

I thought you were a different JS, and gave you a bit of a lecture...

Please give me a call, I've private emailed you

Barry Woods

Folowed you link to -international - UK, a big portal, one took my eye...

I have just played a Key Stage 4 geography online game (funded by Defra in 2007) and polite words actually fail me (makes a change I know)

I have just 'played' an online uk geography schools key stage 4 'game' entitled

Operation Climate Control.

Funded by DEFRA...

In my mind it is WORSE than 10:10 no pressure..
polite words are currently failing me.....

I will put something detailed together later...

a snippet...

You get hit in the face with a cartoon sea mine 'cartoon' (which explodes in a cartoon manner' everytime you get a survey style question 'wrong'

a question:


"Plants absorb some of the CO2 in the atmosphere, but as we put more into the atmosphere, and chop down more forests, they can't absorb as much, which makes climate change worse"

Choose How To Deal With This Climate Change Impact

A1: Don't plant more trees, focus on reducing C02 emissions

A2: Plants more trees to absorb carbon

A3: Ecorage the timber industry by builing more buildings from wood

Their correct answer is A1, reduce emmisions, anything else gets an exploding(cartoon) sea mine (spikey world war2 sort) in the face.

A cute cliched 'cartoon youth' character called me a selfish meany at one point.
The game is class focussed, ie registered and the whole class signs in, so everyone can see the 'scores'

no pressure

Michael Snow said...

Last January NASA announced, "New NASA Web Site Launches Kids on Mission to Save Our Planet."

Climate Kids website, here:

With "Big Questions" [and answers} like:

"What does global climate change mean?"

--"Earth has been getting warmer fast, causing lots of serious problems"

--"Humans are causing this warming" etc.

And "Educator Resources" {There is a button for this but it is not red.]

26 October 2010 04:11