Unfortunately, some misuse science. Some of their intentions, are far from benevolent. They see science as a mechanism for political power and control. There is great danger from those who would use science for political control over us.

How do they do this? They instill, and then continuously magnify, fear. Fear is the most effective instrument of totalitarian control.

Chet Richards, physicist,


Climate-sites: aimed at children or teachers

Last update: 30 Apr 2020

I want this Page to become an annotated guide to relevant locations on the internet.  The sites often seek to enrol children into some kind of political activity from pressurising their parents to engaging with politicians.  Some provide links to energy companies selling 'green power'.

Update 23/10/10: Dave W. has been putting together information on some of the sites, and his work is included in the Further Information section at the end.  I hope to find a less cumbersome way of storing/retrieving this information, but in the meantime this 'Page' will have to do.

This webpage contains many links relevant to education about climate change:
I found several dead links, but there is a lot of material there that looks highly relevant.

#2020 UK Twinkl.  Such a cure name.  Pity about the products if this example of their stuff is typical.  They provide a subscription service for teachers to download classroom materials on a wide range of topics, including climate change.  And also in support of that blunder, Scotland's doubly misnamed 'Curriculum for Excellence'.

#2020 USA A truly educational site.  Useful links for calm, rational views on climate-linked topics:  https://climateataglance.com/

#2020 USA.  Some useful videos here:   https://www.therightclimatestuff.com/educational-outreach-videos--2018-2019.html

#2020 UK. Looks like more astro-turfing: 'Teach the Future'

#2020 EDUCCATE.  A Gore-like scheme to accredit 'climate teachers', ostensibly from the UN  It seems that 'eduCCate Global is a joint partnership between the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and Harwood Education to develop and deliver  ..'  A Melanie Harwood appears in some of the press conference videos here: https://www.educcateglobal.org/press-%252526-media.html
They want to 're-purpose education'!! (UNITAR).

More on Harwood Education: 'Harwood Education, Ltd, in a joint initiative with the One United Nations Climate Change Learning Partnership (UN CC:Learn), proudly offers you our eduCCate Global multi-media presentation of 5-select United Nations Climate Change courses. '

#2019 September.  The UK's Royal Meteorological Society has a page for teaching materials on climate change.  Very likely to be following the establishment line unfortunately:

#2019 August.  David Wojick's blog is very helpful for teachers and parents concerned about their children being misled about climate:  https://ccdedu.blogspot.com/

#2019 August  Useful videos here for rational views of climate variation:

#2019 AugustA glimpse at the UN working on building the 'youth' to influence the 'adults':
'The UN Youth Climate Summit is a platform for young leaders who are driving climate action to showcase their solutions at the United Nations, and to meaningfully engage with decision-makers on the defining issue of our time.
This historic event will take place on Saturday, September 21 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, as part of a weekend of events leading up to the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit on Monday, September 23.
The Youth Climate Summit will feature a full-day of programming that brings together young activists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers who are committed to combating climate change at the pace and scale needed to meet the challenge. It will be action oriented, intergenerational, and inclusive, with equal representation of young leaders from all walks of life.'
I think it has to be 'intergenerational, not only to ensure that the correct line is taken, but also to allow poor Greta to attend (the meeting is for 18 to 29 year olds, but under 18s can now get in by special dispensation provided they are accompanied by an adult).  She plans to get there in a yacht.  

This blogpost from 2009 has several links to sites or products aimed at children on climate:

Note added in 2019.  Just came across this blogpost form 2009:
'The British government is using the NLP directed on children in order to persuade their parents to accept the Goreism and the believe that we dangerously influence the global climate through CO2 and that we can do something about it by saving energy. They intend to persuade children to label their parents as irresponsible and bad, if they don't adhere to the will of the UK government.

It is not the first time in resent history, we have seen governments using children as a means to achieve their political goals. My parents told me about how the ruling party in Germany used teenagers, Hitlerjugend, to change the mind of their parents. Like today's UK, they back then misused the unconditional love of the parents to force an agenda.

By misusing the children in this way, you reverse the normal system in which the parents provide guiding examples, moral support and wisdom for the children, and where the parents view is guided by independent critical diagnostics of the society they live in. In this UK Hitlerjugend style, the guiding role is taken away from the parents and transferred to the government and their propaganda departments.

This is the most powerful propaganda method imaginable, but also a very inhumane form. It is inhumane for several reasons. Unless you, as a parent, are extremely well informed, you have no way of promoting your own interest to the child, as you will find it difficult to protect your child from the massive, intrusive media called TV and Internet.'


Here is a 2019 update for sites in the USA aimed at indoctrinating children on the climate 'cause'.  A 'cause' of such tawdry, amoral, destructive cruelty to the young that it would be hard to beat for anyone who really hated them:  'As our children skip school to chant climate alarmist slogans, you may wonder “Where do they get this stuff?” Of course, they get some of it from their teachers, but these teachers get a lot of it via the U.S. Federal Government.  The sad fact is that a number of federal agencies either maintain or fund websites that specifically exist to push alarmist teaching materials.'

2019  Here is a post on a generally sensible site aimed at helping school pupils willing to go against the flow and be critical of CO2 alarmism:
'If you are a young rebellious free-thinking independent truth-seeking student that is sick and tired of being force-fed by your teachers the junk science of climate change and global warming, this is the place for you. Are you sick and tired of this “settled science” not allowing debate and discussion? Force the issue and turn in a real scientific paper challenging the authoritarian rule of the “consensus.” Prove to your teacher how little they know about the subject.'  

(1) Funding for Such Sites?
I suspect the following are the main categories of funders:

(1.1) Government, local and national, i.e. taxpayers

1.1.1 The EU of course is a funder.  Here is an example (posted 18 June 2013) of one such site:

1.1.2 USA Federal Funding - EPA closes pages aimed at children:
Good News: EPA Children's Site closed in 2017:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2017/05/06/epa-buries-climate-change-site-for-kids/

(1.2) Trusts and charitable foundations e.g.
 European Climate Foundation.

The Arcadia Fund

The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation

The ClimateWorks Foundation

The McCall MacBain Foundation

The Oak Foundation

The Sea Change Foundation

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

(1.3) Commercial ventures, especially 'alternative energy' suppliers

1.3.1 Several of the sites below are funded by, or promote, 'alternative energy' companies.  Their targeting of children also includes provision of teaching materials for schools, as this example from the States demonstrates in the case of solar power: http://www.freedompolitics.com/articles/solar-2801-crony-scandal.html

1.3.2 Energy giant EDF targets schools here under the guise of 'sustainability': http://www.jointhepod.org/
Update 13 June 2013.  They are now collaborating with the UK Met Office: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/education/collaboration/edf 

1.3.3 17 April 2012Water utilities have also spotted an opportunity and are sending 'educators' into schools.  These utilities in the UK are notoriously ineffective at conserving their supplies, not least through losses in ancient distribution systems.  So, blaming it at least in part on 'climate change' has some appeal.  Here is an extract from a piece in the Daily Telegraph :
'Children are told river and ground water levels are lower than they have ever been because of two dry winters in a row and the problem could get worse in future years because of climate change.
The volunteers, who range from mechanics to managers, tell children to "help to make sure there is enough water to last for essential use like drinking". If the drought gets worse households will be rationed and there could be standpipes in the street.
By 2020 the Government would like all schools to have minimised their carbon emissions and saving water is a key way they can do this.
The 95 volunteers from Thames Water have reached 4,000 schoolchildren so far and are also visiting community centres, Women’s Institute meetings and even businesses to explain simple water saving measures.
Most already have education programmes in schools and are expected to bring in a 'drought talks' as part of this to educate both children and parents.' 

1.3.4 10 May 2012: Bayer is reported ( http://www.wakeup2thelies.com/2012/05/09/wind-turbine-blade-producer-is-sponsoring-the-carbonkids-science-program-in-australian-schools/  ) as collaborating in Australia with the child-scarers of CSIRO to provide resources under the CarbonKids initiative (listed below).

1.3.5 Planetsave.  (USA)  The purpose of this site seems to be the promotion of solar panels, but it looks like an environmental news site.  Setting up such sites is so cheap that it scarcely needs any market research to decide about cost benefits: draw in the punters concerned about the environment, sell 'em a solar panel.  Here is a report of a recent book describing just how bad solar panels are for the environment: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2906764/posts 'Solar cells do not offset greenhouse gases or curb fossil fuel use in the United States according to a new environmental book, Green Illusions (June 2012, University of Nebraska Press), written by University of California - Berkeley visiting scholar Ozzie Zehner. Green Illusions explains how the solar industry has grown to become one of the leading emitters of hexafluoroethane (C2F6), nitrogen trifluoride (NF3), and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6). These three potent greenhouse gases, used by solar cell fabricators, make carbon dioxide (CO2) seem harmless.'

1.3.6 British Gas - Green Defenders.  The usual junk: http://www.generationgreen.co.uk/why-register-your-school-generation-green

(1.4) Funding not clear:  This organisation for example: Global Kids, Inc. - 'the premier non-profit educational organization for global learning and youth development - works to ensure that urban youth have the knowledge, skills, experiences and values they need to succeed in school, participate effectively in the democratic process, and achieve leadership in their communities and on the global stage. '

(1.5) Management Consultancies A large number of consultancies have sprung up or diversified to take advantage of opportunities to provide advice in the wake of alarm over climate change and the policies which it has spawned, notably in areas of 'de-carbonisation' of one kind or another.  The clear vested interest in having such policies installed, applied, or extended does suggest that more widespread 'awareness' of the alarm is also attractive to them to help provide policy stability and an increased possibility of market expansion for their advice.  Here is an example of a climate activist moving into one such consultancy, a manager of which is quite explicit about the business benefits when 'awareness of these issues increases':
Re comment by Brent Hargreaves 98:560 AM) on David Viner's new job.
The link you provide shows that his company thinks the poor chap is a Nobel Laureate:
'David was a co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his contributions to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change between 1993-2007.
They also are under the impression that his diversion of the British Council into promoting alarm about climate around the world was a good thing:
'In 2008 David was appointed global director at The British Council where he developed a ground breaking cultural relations strategy and programme that was delivered through 250 offices in 109 countries.'
Others take a different view of such initiatives, e.g. this writer on Biased-BBC describes them thusly:
'It means oodles more bureaucratic fear-mongering projects, the goal of the greenies involved being to convert the developing world into West-hating, climate change fanatics'
But then, Viner's new employer notes that this sort of thing is very good for his business:
'Mott MacDonald’s environment manager Ian Allison said: “We are delighted to welcome David to Mott MacDonald. Sustainability and climate change are important drivers for our business. As awareness of these issues increases, the consultancy is continuing to develop its services and skills to help in strategies for adaptation, mitigation and institutional reform to respond to these challenges.'
[comment posted on Unthreaded on Bishop Hill on Dec 15, 2012 at 11:57 AM]

Now I do not know if Mott MacDonald supports any websites aimed at children or teachers, and I do not suggest that they do.  This link is merely to show there is a clear commercial interest in 'spreading awareness' about the putative causes of climate change and associated actions held to be a corrective to them.  This is an area for more digging on the internet to look for explicit links.

(1.5) Advertising   This site seems to be based in Ghana ('eSchooltoday in association with BusinessGhana.com.'), and runs pop-up adverts: http://www.eschooltoday.com/climate-change/Introduction-to-climate-change-for-children.html

(1.6) Soros' OSI, 2016  'Soros’ OSI also planned on giving millions of dollars to spur the “youth climate movement.”  This budget item also allows for the renewal of U.S. Programs’ long-standing support of the Energy Action Coalition, which is the lead organizer of the youth climate movement in the U.S., the memo reads.”

(1.7) Australian Banks, 2015  'Several of our largest banks backed the Australian Youth Climate Coalition'

(1.8) Wealthy individuals (Australia, 2015) 'Just as Cool Australia has its millionaire backers (the Kimberley “Just Jeans” family)[8], AYCC from inception has been backed  by aged-care and radiology ex-tycoon Robert E. Purves. Purves 56, is  a Governor of AYCC and his  fund matches AYCC donations dollar-for-dollar.[9]  Purves rates AYCC, which he has supported since 2007-08, as his best charity project. In addition, he has funded special AYCC projects and provided non-cash  help for AYCC  to “solve the climate crisis”.[10]'

(2) Sites aimed-at-kids

1. http://www.coolkidsforacoolclimate.com/        
    See Further Information (1) below for more details.
[Note added 25 Jan 12, this link seems to be defunct.  Let us hope the site owners saw sense.]

2. http://www.coolitschools.com/                      
    See (7) Further Information section (2) below for more details.
    Note also that this site has links to energy companies, and encourages readers to switch to them
    (see: http://www.coolitschools.com/switch-now )

3. http://www.capefarewell.com/youth.html        
    See (7) Further Information section (3) below for more details.

4. http://www.climatecops.org                          

4a. http://www.eco-schools.org/climateinitiative/      (HSBC)
 [Note added 25 Jan 12, this link seems to be defunct.  Let us hope the site owners saw sense.]

5. http://www.hippoworks.com/hippoHELP.html   (Denis Thomopoulos sells t-shirst, mugs, etc, for children)

6. http://kids-vs-global-warming.com/Home.html

7. http://www.globalwarmingkids.net/

8. http://www.howweknowclimatechange.com/    ('Scientists and kids explore global warming')

9. http://epa.gov/climatechange/kids/index.html
 9.1  See: http://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2011/12/26/epa-lying-to-kids-about-droughts/#more-496 
'EPA Lying To Kids About Droughts
December 26, 2011
tags: ,


Real Science points out that the EPA claim in their Student’s Guide that droughts are becoming longer and more extreme worldwide because of climate change. They also claim that in the US, the South West is at particular risk.
As far as the USA is concerned, according to NCDC data, this claim is totally untrue.'
See: http://www.real-science.com/paying-obamas-epa-lie-kids

 Apr 2012.  Same criticism here: http://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/why-would-the-epa-lie-to-our-kids/    with some additional facts.
May 2017.  Some good news - their propaganda ops against children have been shut down: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2017/05/06/epa-buries-climate-change-site-for-kids/

9.2 More EPA propagandising targeting kids here: http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=kids.kids_index 

9.3 EPA misleading kids about hurricanes  See: http://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/why-do-the-epa-mislead-kids/

10. http://www.climateclassroomkids.org/index.aspx   (USA , National Wildlife Foundation)

11. Gore's fundraisers: http://www.theclimateproject.org/

12. http://www.seeds2learn.com/greenIndex.html

13. Alliance for Climate Education (ACE): http://www.acespace.org/
Reported on here 0n 11 April 2011: http://www.reuters.com/assets/print?aid=US42070464820110411
Engaged in propaganda effort in US schools, e.g. 'She's narrating the entire 20-minute show from memory, and climate science doesn't get a mention until three minutes in. As Lamm explains how fossil fuels were formed, dinosaurs flop over dead on-screen. There are chuckles from the crowd. Later, when Lamm mentions greenhouse gases, blobs of CO2 float around sporting sunglasses and 1980's hairstyles.'  Their mission: 'Our mission is to educate high school students on the science behind climate change and inspire them to take action to curb the causes of global warming.' (http://www.acespace.org/about/our-mission)
Note added 5 Dec 2014.  Some evidence that ACE have been having an effect: http://www.globalclimatescam.com/2014/11/climate-activists-tout-effectiveness-of-school-brainwashing/comment-page-1/#comment-442939

14. http://www.inconvenientyouth.org/

15. http://www.habitatheroes.com/    (American site)   This looks worthy of more investigation as a possible scam to get money out of people, using children as a vehicle for getting their attention. This dubious survey may be part of it: http://www.examiner.com/article/according-to-habitat-heroes-study-children-fear-the-end-of-the-earth

16. http://www.clean-air-kids.org.uk/index.html
    See Further Information (4) for more details

17. http://www.kidsforsavingearth.org/
   See Further Information (5) for more details

18. http://live-the-solution.com/presentations/   Pre-drawn mindmaps propaganda (http://windfarms.wordpress.com/2008/04/01/mind-maps-a-form-of-child-porn/)

19. http://kidsahoy.multiply.com/photos/album/101 (Greenpeace and kids - possibly dated)

20. http://www.climateclassroom.org/  In its own words: 'The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) is committed to creating age and developmentally appropriate curricula to educate high school students about the causes of and remedies for global warming. NWF recently partnered with the former Vice President Al Gore and the makers of the award-winning film An Inconvenient Truth (AIT) to bring the issue of climate change from the big screen to the classroom.'  They have, therefore, a lot to be ashamed about.

21. http://climate.nasa.gov/kids/
The US government agency NASA has taken up the task of scaring children, at taxpayers' expense.  For the greater good no doubt.  Donna Laframboise is scathing about this effort by NASA: http://nofrakkingconsensus.com/2011/02/04/nasa-climate-change-and-children/  Extract: If you’re like me and are predisposed to admire NASA because of what it used to stand for, the Climate Kids site will make you want to weep. Sam at ClimateQuotes does a splendid job of explaining that NASA doesn’t even try to be neutral about climate change. (That would entail, for example, acknowledging the upside as well as the downside of warmer temperatures.)
She links to the ClimateQuotes study (http://climatequotes.com/2011/01/19/nasa-targets-children-with-climate-kids-website/ )  'Alright. In this post I will give you a tour of their site, hitting all the main sections. This is quite a long post with lots of pictures and one video, so take your time reading this one.'  He exposes the propaganda and the deceptions.

22. Australian Youth Climate Coalition.  Even Australia, once a land of free-thinkers and strong character, has an astro-turf site for youngsters on climate: http://aycc.org.au/   It looks just as phony as the rest of them.  What kind of kids do they attract?
Update 08/07/15: Tony Thomas has been tracking some of the nefarious work of this rich-man's toy of an organisation:  https://quadrant.org.au/opinion/doomed-planet/2015/05/climate-cult-kiddies-part-ii/
Update 19/02/19:  See item 53 in this section below.
See also this link for more links about AYCC:

23. http://www.acespace.org/blog/   This is the Alliance for Climate Education, and is an example of what money can buy.  They have a mission: 'ACE's mission is to educate high school students on the science behind climate change and inspire them to take action to curb global warming.'  They provide their services free of charge: 'It's FREE. We are passionate about educating and inspiring high school students and offer all of our programs at no cost. In addition, we offer scholarship and school grant opportunities to students and schools who are committed to furthering climate awareness and involving their schools and communities in climate action.'  Big Green at workFear is the key: '
  • Students view a brief interactive video that overviews the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the consequences of inaction
  • The overwhelming majority of scientists agree that climate change is real
  • It’s dangerous - droughts, increased storm intensity, wildfires, habitat and species loss, human hardship will likely become more prevalent
  • We are running out of time. Leading scientists say there are tipping points in the Earth's climate system. If we pass these thresholds, our climate may change in ways that would be very difficult to reverse'
24. 2008, Australian Broadcasting Corporation An ugly quiz aimed at scaring children now seems to have been removed.  Here are some comments on it (h/tip:Jace, on Threaded at Bishop Hill, Dec 12, 2011 at 12:49 PM)

25. 2012 USA.  In a dismal sea of alarmist cant, this site is more refreshing, more inclined to 'inspire and inform' than 'recruit little climate activists'.  The site is mostly about weather.  The small climate section includes this:
'Is the Earth getting warmer?
Yes! The Earth has warmed by about 1ºF over the past 100 years. But why? Well, scientists are not exactly sure. The Earth could be getting warmer on its own, but many of the world's leading climate scientists think that things people do are helping to make the Earth warmer.
Click Here to learn more about Global Warming.'
As these things go, that's not too bad at all.  The link goes to a 'page not found' message on an EPA site.  Given the nature of the modern EPA, that 'not found' is a bit of a blessing.  There is also a misleading experiment suggested on the greenhouse effect, comparing water temperatures in two glasses of water left outdoors, one wrapped in a plastic bag.  Wrapping the other glass in clingfilm would allow a fairer comparison, since it is relatively transparent to infra-red compared to the thicker plastic used in bags.  The pupils will learn than greenhouses do not work by 'trapping' infrared and that might lead them to a healthy distrust of those who say the atmosphere works like a greenhouse with CO2 'trapping' heat.
A critical appraisal of this sort of experiment in schools is given here: http://www.tufts.edu/~rtobin/Wagoner%20AJP%202010.pdf

26. (1) Oz TV advises CO2-emitting children to die early By Andrew Orlowski 

Carbon Cult sickos are under fire for an interactive website that tells children they should die because they emit CO2.
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "Planet Slayer" site invites young children to take a "greenhouse gas quiz", asking them "how big a pig are you?". At the end of the quiz, the pig explodes, and ABC tells children at "what age you should die at so you don’t use more than your fair share of Earth’s resources!"

      (2) WUWT demolishes it:
'I don’t know where to begin, except to say that when we see things like this, we should complain loudly and incessantly. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has crossed a line beyond science, beyond decency, and beyond rational thought.'

'What is most disgusting about this is that ABC ignores their own published Code of Practice
In section 2.12 they talk about content for children:
2.12 Content for Children. In providing enjoyable and enriching content for children, the ABC does not wish to conceal the real world from them. It can be important for the media, especially television, to help children understand and deal with situations which may include violence and danger. Special care should be taken to ensure that content which children are likely to watch or access unsupervised should not be harmful or disturbing to them.'
     (3).  Mises (h/tip Anonymous , here in 2010):

Teaching Kids about the Environment, Government Style

Mises Daily: Tuesday, June 10, 2008 by

 'To get a taste of the approved "environmental education" activities of government bureaucrats, we can do little better than looking at a games website called "Planet Slayer," recommended for children under the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative adopted by various Australian governments.[4] This games website, hosted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and created with the assistance of Film Victoria (both government bodies), introduces itself as follows:'

 This site has trenchant criticism of the approach, and contains many screenshots from the game/quiz itself:

Some screen captures of Planet Slayer are available on YouTube, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ifRhxufyHbw

A site not updated since 2005 due to withdrawal of government funding.  Aimed at 5-11 year olds.

28. http://calc.zerofootprint.net/youth/   'The Zerofootprint Kid's Calculator measures the direct impact of a child's lifestyle on the planet. Measurements are made in terms kids understand: carbon, land, water and trees. There are also a number of resources for teachers and parents on the site.'

29. http://www.scholastic.com/actgreen/    USA.  Yet another site to get the message across!

30.  Not a site, but an education package including the usual indoctrination/calls for action by children on climate, but produced by a local government employee in a Canadian city!  http://www.city.kamloops.bc.ca/environment/pdfs/EnvironmentEdu-Teachers.pdf

31. Odious, superficial, pernicious, demented trash on a BBC site aimed at children in 2009 http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/8426269.stm

Dreaming of a green Christmas

Felix Dodds (left) and Michael Strauss
Felix Dodds and Michael Strauss
Environmentalists Felix Dodds and Michael Strauss use this week's Green Room to pass on a message from a seasonal contributor. They write: "Though he usually prefers to act anonymously, he has been rumoured to be active in many different countries under various personae that include Father Christmas, Pere Noel, and San Nicolas."
The production of all the toys, being in the North Pole, needs a lot of heating and lighting
Dear children,
As many of you know this time of year is very busy for me. The elves are also really busy, making the Obama dolls (although they appear to be less popular than last year), the train sets, and the computer games.
But before I pack up the sleigh and set off on this year's big ride, I wanted to share with you an update on how things are going.
I wanted to share with you some worries I have, because here at the North Pole it has been a difficult year.'

32. 9 Feb 2012.  A collection of sites apparently aimed at kids is given here, but I have not had time to work through them:

33. 19 Feb 2012Project Genie has been mentioned on a couple of sites recently.  I am not sure if it is still active, but here is a link to the section of their site aimed at kids: http://www.projectgenie.org.uk/Kids.aspx
Here is a peek at their insidious video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZHctjCCEOY&feature=player_embedded

34.   23 Feb 2012.  Poor Australia.  It seems horribly burdened with the climate madness.  Here is a new site reported on by ACM: http://www.futuresparks.org.au/.  The usual guff, but perhaps less scarily presented than some sites of this type: 'The Earth's climate has changed dramatically since the beginning of time, but evidence now shows that human activity is creating a sharp increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  Scientists agree this causes the temperatures on Earth to rise, which influences the climate - more extreme weather events, more often.  In some areas, the sea level will rise - and this is very worrying for people who live on small islands, particularly our Pacific Island neighbours...
So the change in climate will bring widespread change to our way of life and environment.'

35. Mexico. Kidzania http://www.kidzania.com/ 'Edutainment' , described here presumably from one of their press releases: 'KidZania will open KidZania Cuicuilco, the largest and most environmentally sustainable children's entertainment destination in the world. Located in Mexico City, the new park is a model of environmental stewardship and offers fully-immersive, real-world environmental experiences for kids as an arborist, power plant operator, meteorologist, water quality inspector and more.' 
MEXICO CITY, June 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In honor of the United Nations' World Environment Day, KidZania, a global leader in children's edutainment, today revealed that 45,000 children from 50 countries have signed its Greener World Pledge committing to create a cleaner and greener planet. The pledge is the culmination of KidZania's first-ever "KidZ for a Greener World" campaign, which launched on April 1st in an effort to educate and build greater environmental awareness among the world's youth.
KidZania, Inc., headquartered in Mexico, is privately held. This award-winning concept is recognized globally for its unique blend of entertainment and education for children.  More than 20 million guests have visited KidZania since the first park opened in 1999. Currently, KidZania has 9 parks in 10 countries, with another 12 parks under development in the United Kingdom, United States, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey, Singapore, Brazil, Egypt, Russia, Chile and Thailand. For more information about KidZania, visit www.KidZania.com, on Facebook at facebook.com/KidZaniaOfficial, or Twitter @KidZania
KidZania, Inc., headquartered in Mexico, is privately held. This award-winning concept is recognized globally for its unique blend of entertainment and education for children.  More than 20 million guests have visited KidZania since the first park opened in 1999. Currently, KidZania has 9 parks in 10 countries, with another 12 parks under development in the United Kingdom, United States, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey, Singapore, Brazil, Egypt, Russia, Chile and Thailand. For more information about KidZania, visit www.KidZania.com, on Facebook at facebook.com/KidZaniaOfficial, or Twitter @KidZania.
KidZania, Inc., headquartered in Mexico, is privately held. This award-winning concept is recognized globally for its unique blend of entertainment and education for children.  More than 20 million guests have visited KidZania since the first park opened in 1999. Currently, KidZania has 9 parks in 10 countries, with another 12 parks under development in the United Kingdom, United States, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey, Singapore, Brazil, Egypt, Russia, Chile and Thailand. For more information about KidZania, visit www.KidZania.com, on Facebook at facebook.com/KidZaniaOfficial, or Twitter @KidZania.

36. Germany. Plant for the Planet.  This is a scary one: committees of young children are formed and pushed as fronts for climate campaigning.  All around the planting of trees. http://plant-for-the-planet.org/en
Update 03 April 2014 This odd-looking organisation has been making an impact in the States, and has caught the attention of Dr James Hansen, one of the prime movers behind climate alarmism.  The indoctrination of children might yet be added to his scorecard of harms done.  Some commentary on this here: Adults Reject Climate Catastrophe, Alarmists Bring In the Children (thoughts on Hansen’s latest) - See more at: http://www.masterresource.org/2014/04/climate-youth-hansen-missive/comment-page-1

37. UK BBC educational materials linked to climate:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/search/index.shtml?scope=gcsebitesize_include&q=climate
Note added 27/10/18  BBC brainwashing the children:
'On my bookshelf I have a couple of anthologies of the Eagle comic from the 50s and 60s.

Phosphates for The World
They feature cutaway drawings explaining wonders of technology, present and future, all of it wonderfully unapologetic. We are doing awesome things and we will do even more awesome things soon, kids are told. Today’s teenagers are bombarded with worry and pessimism. BBC Focus magazine is a science magazine that seems to be aimed at young audience and it features an article about climate change and how having children is badThe Week Junior seems to be full of articles about endangered animals and banning plastic. If I did not know that most of the terrible problems are not terrible problems and that the world is in general getting better, I might be a bit despondent about all that. If I was an impressionable youth I might rebel against it; I hope they do.
From post on Samizdata: https://www.samizdata.net/2018/10/the-first-man-and-the-unfashionableness-of-optimism/

38. Australia. Climate Clubs.  This site is, as so many are, sponsored in part by energy companies.  One good thing is that it may be an ex-site.  The latest date I found on it today (20/1/13) was in 2011.  Anyway, what it did  was encourage children (and others) to reduce energy usage for the sake of the climate, e.g. "Brothers Jillian, 8,  and Jonathon, 11, took part in the first trial with their family and tell us their personal story: We think the Climate Club Competition is a good way of helping our family save money by using less electricity. The Climate Club helps by giving examples and ideas on how to save electricity. We are also helping our school.  For all the points that families get when they save electricity at home our school can raise some money.  So by saving electricity we are helping the environment, our families save money and our school to raise money." [http://www2.acfonline.org.au/category/save-energy/blog/climate-club-aims-be-coolest-around-town].  Main site is here: http://climateclubs.org.au/pages/about.html

39. USA Colorado 'Earth Guardians' - an organisation which exploits children to turn them into political activists for eco-causes. http://earthguardians.org/index.shtml
Note added 24/08/15. They are still at it. '8-year-old takes US government to court over climate change' 
Anthony Watts asks just how low will activists stoop:  http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/08/19/climate-craziness-of-the-week-james-hansen-is-using-children-to-sue-us-government-over-climate/
Note added 22/07/18. They are still at it.  Here is a link to a page on their webseit last update in 2017:  https://www.earthguardians.org/story/
Here is a piece on a young political activist who made use/was made of use of by contacting them: https://grist.org/article/meet-the-young-refugee-behind-zero-hours-climate-platform/  (2018)

40. UK Johnny Zero and the Met Office.  Once upon a time the UK Met Office was dedicated to providing weather forecasts, but that was not good enough for some who wanted it to be in the vanguard for reducing CO2 emissions.  It seems that in the past few years they have had staff looking at producing state propaganda for this using a cartoon character called Johnny Zero.  Evidence is here: http://www.who.is/whois/johnny-zero.com/, and here: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/communicatingclimate/documents/workshop-2/workshop-2-report.pdf.  There are some comments on this posted here: http://www.bishop-hill.net/discussion/post/2117808 in 2013.

41. Ghana/USA and English-speaking world  'Eschoolday' seems to be a vehicle for advertising, possibly targeted at homeschoolers, and seems to be owned in Ghana.  Here is their section on climate.  The usual guff about greenhouses and not driving cars:http://www.eschooltoday.com/climate-change/Introduction-to-climate-change-for-children.html

42. USA. Children of the Earth. This looks like another low-cost site to set up.  It asks for donations, and has an Amazon click-through to raise money as well. Who can tell if it is genuine or merely a wheeze for the cash?  http://www.childrenoftheearth.org/

43. Sweden. A fruit of the emerging 'Education for Sustainable Development' (ESD) industry: http://www.goymp.org/en/frontpage

44. AustraliaCool Australia was conceived by Jason Kimberley, our Founder and CEO, following an eco-epiphany in Antarctica in 2005... In August 2008, Cool Australia was born.  http://coolaustralia.org/student-toolbox/
Update 2015: this organisation continues to do harm.  'Much of Cool Australia’s program for schools is benign: recycle trash, don’t waste electricity, plant trees, embrace reconciliation. But the rest of the agenda tirelessly advances the supposedly impending global-warming catastrophe, plus, inevitably, preaching the evils of fossil fuels.'  

45. Australia. Here's something better - a new blog which seems aimed at producing calmer materials on climate aimed at children: http://climate4kids.blogspot.com.au/

46. UK.  Children's University of Manchester.(!)  It has a section on energy and climate which begins by telling the children to expect a 4C rise in temperature this century:  http://www.childrensuniversity.manchester.ac.uk/interactives/science/energy/globalwarming/
This is affiliated with an organisation called The Children's University (http://www.childrensuniversity.co.uk/) which seems to be a vehicle for those who want even more interference in children's lives, and for whom the title 'university' presumably has some appeal despite it commonly meaning 'a high-level educational institution in which students study for degrees and academic research is done.'

47.  UK. FootPrintFriends.  Possibly an expired initiative with links to earlier (2008/9) government funding through such as DEFRA and the Environment Agency.  If so, I hope no one will miss it.

48. UK 'Your Climate, Your Life'  Unashamedly activist propaganda to get children 'to act'.  Created by the Royal Geographical Society, to its shame.  http://www.yourclimateyourlife.org.uk/index.html

49. USA : Green My Parents.  Launched in 2010, but possibly flopped within a year, and now dormant.  Let us hope so.  'GreenMyParents is a revolutionary, nationwide program to help young people teach their peers and parents how to work together to help the economy, earn money at home, and save the planet through simple, everyday actions. '  http://www.greenmyparents.com/index.html

50. USA: Our Children's Trust.  'Our mission is to protect earth’s atmosphere and natural systems for present and future generations.'  They think this gives them the right to exploit children.  Utterly despicable.  See for example:  http://www.ecorazzi.com/2015/11/18/a-group-of-kids-are-suing-obama-over-climate-change


51. USA Polar Army.  Ostensibly created by a young boy, this looks suspiciously like an astro-turfing initiative:

52. Good News: EPA Children's Site closed:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2017/05/06/epa-buries-climate-change-site-for-kids/

53.  UKYCC (UK Youth Climate Council) [entry made here 19/2/19, just for the record since this Council seems to be defunct].  Geoff Chambers had looked into them a few years back:
'  DENNIS AMBLER’s useful comment at 17 Feb 19 at 12.08am is worth scrolling up to read. He mentions the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. I wrote about the UK branch, the UKYCC six years ago at
As I remember, the WWF organised some kind of competition for young activists. The winners got a trip to the Arctic to see global warming at first hand, then set up a website with tens of thousands pounds from a network of foundations and government sources. The group of a few dozen activists then spend their time designing t shirts and banners for the next COP meeting. Then after their studies they get a job in an NGO to train the next lot.
The UKYCC web site has been out of action since about 2015, and the umbrella group the Climate Action Network seems to be dormant too, at least in the UK, which isn’t even listed as one of the countries where they’re active, though a few years ago they were boasting of having several million supporters.'

54. Earth Uprising  Looks like yet another front for fundraising, and for exploiting children as political pawns:  https://earthuprising.org/about-us/

(3) Sites aimed-at-teachers

1. http://www.stopglobalwarming.org/classroom/

2. http://www.classroomencounters.org/

3. http://www.lawrencehallofscience.org/gss/lifelines/

4. http://www.teacherscop15.dk/

5. http://ec.europa.eu/environment/climat/campaign/schools/getcreative_en.htm

6. http://willstegerfoundation.org/index.php/programs/k-12-education-program

7.1 http://www.willstegerfoundation.org/about-us/item/1102-climate-generation-minnesota-high-schools-register-now

8. http://www.worldwildlife.org/what/globalmarkets/Climate%20Change/Climate%20Cirriculum/item5944.html

9. http://www.climatechangeeducation.org/
'One of the most extensive sites is Climate Change Education, a Web portal maintained by volunteers with the University of California Berkeley and others from California science museums. The site offers lesson plans and student projects on climate change that cut across disciplines, from earth sciences, biology and chemistry to social studies and mathematics.'

10. http://www.schools-at-university.eu/project/teachers_training/index.html   (an EU initiative)

11. http://www.climatequilt.org/

12. http://greenschoolsalliance.org/

13. http://www.foe.co.uk/learning/educators/shout_about_index.html    (FoE)

14. http://www.primarytimes.net/parent_times_education_schools_climate_change_toolkit.php   (Action Aid)

15. http://act.ukycc.org/standalone/index.php?q=civicrm/contribute/transact   (Political stand-alone?)

16. www.footprintfriends.com  (?)

17. http://www.theccc.org.uk/     (this is aimed at government, regional and national in UK)

18. http://www.childreninachangingclimate.org/

19. http://www.britishcouncil.org/climatechange-climatechampions.htmhttp://www.britishcouncil.org/climatechange-climatechampions.htm  (UK government, British Council)

19.1 2010 Commentary on this abuse of the British Council to promote climate alarm can be found here:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/7231466/British-Council-gets-in-on-the-climate-act.html

19.2 2016 A very nasty woman has been uncovered high up in the British Council:  https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1501559/three-year-old-prince-george-hit-by-vile-rant-from-british-council-boss-paid-thousands-to-promote-uk/

20.0 10 June 2011 - apparently the British Council excursion into climate propagandising is to end in 2012: http://www.nature.com/news/2011/110610/full/news.2011.364.html  Except for these: 'The council says that two flagship global projects will continue: the 'Climate Generation' initiative, which engages young climate activists and the 'Climate4Classrooms' project, which provides resources for schoolchildren.'

21.1 http://www.climategeneration.org/   A US initiative in climate propaganda fopr schools partly funded by the British Council: 'Offered in the US in partnership with the California Air Resources Board and the Will Steger Foundation, the Climate Generation Program is a school based competition connecting youth leadership and environmental curriculum with climate action projects.  High Schools in California and Minnesota are eligible to participate in the program. There is no cost to sign up for the program, and classrooms that produce winning projects are eligible for project funding.'
22. http://www.1010global.org/uk/education    (EAGA)

23. http://climate.nasa.gov/kids
    (an evisceration of these shameful pages is given here:  http://weaselzippers.us/2011/01/24/nasa-targets-children-with-climate-kids-global-warming-propaganda-website/

24. http://www.epa.gov/climatechange/kids/animations.html

25. http://www.1010global.org/uk/education/schools

26. http://www.climate4classrooms.org/en/  (Royal Met Soc involved)

27. http://www.climatehotmap.org/  (pure propaganda - lists of harbingers of warming)

28. http://www.actionaid.org.uk/102084/1010_schools.html  (the 10:10 'no pressure' people)

29. http://www.teachclimatechange.org.uk
This site may be defunct since the last-dated, indeed only posts are for 1 July 2011.  It looks like it was a piece of opportunism that was never, or not yet anyway, pursued.  Perhaps funded by the likes of http://www.comparegas.co.uk/

30. http://www.neweconomics.org/publications/democs-climate-change  Site promotes a card game to 'facilitate discussion about climate change science'  Describes itself as 'nef (the new economics foundation) is an independent think-and-do tank that inspires and demonstrates real economic well-being.'

31. http://www.slcne.org.uk/ccsp/intro.php   Part of 'Science Learning Centres North East'  In their own words 'The Climate Change Schools Project is a ground-breaking and unique educational programme currently operating in the North East of England – it is being rolled-out into other parts of England from 2010.  The Project aims to put climate change at the heart of the national curriculum via an organic and pioneering network of ‘Climate Change Lead Schools’ who build climate change understanding and positive action from the ground-up. '

 32. http://www.cabe.org.uk/publications/green-day  They provide an 'activity kit' on climate change for schools.  The site describes itself as 'CABE is the government’s advisor on architecture, urban design and public space.'  'General-purpose busybodies' seems more informative!!

 33. http://www.education.gov.uk/publications/standard/publicationdetail/page1/DCSF-00366-2010  Some details of state propaganda in schools about climate from the UK.  They say 'Climate change is one of the biggest challenges that we will face in the 21st century. There is no doubt over the science – the continued release of greenhouse gases will lead to severe changes in the earth’s climate.'  Focus is on 'carbon management' in schools, and they don't mean 'tips for pencil monitors'.

34. http://www.ace.mmu.ac.uk/Resources/Teaching_Packs/Key_Stage_4/Climate_Change/index.html
A site launched by Manchester Metropolitan University thanks to state funding, funding which was withdrawn in 2005 and the site has not been updated since (http://www.ace.mmu.ac.uk/) Mostly aimed at 5-11 year olds, but has notes for teachers.

35. Added 19/11/10: this page has many links to climate videos, games, etc pushing alarm: http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/GeogP/climate/

36. http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/search?query=climate   (USA site providing materials)

37. http://eelink.net/pages/Teachers   (USA providing support on environmental education)

38. http://www.climatechoices.org.uk/pages/aboutpage.htm  UK site 'Climate Choices - Children's Voices is aimed at teachers of children aged 9-11 years ( UK years 5 and 6) who want to help children begin to understand the challenging and complex issue of climate change.'

39. http://www.keystonecurriculum.org/   US govt agency funded site 'Welcome to The Keystone Center’s curriculum website with over 65 lessons developed to introduce middle and high school teachers and their students to the topic of climate change and to provide new ways of thinking about the problem and potential solutions. The curricula provide teachers with a non-biased framework for investigating climate change.'

40.  http://www.climatechange.gov.au/en/what-you-can-do/teachers-and-students.aspx
An Australian government initiative to share their alarm about a trace gas in the air: 'These pages contain a variety of resources for teachers and students including teaching resources, factsheets and interactive quizzes.  The Departments’ climate change character Marty, the spot-tailed quoll, will show you how to take action to combat climate change and tell you about the impacts of climate change and ways to adapt to it.'

40a.  Also from Australia:  http://www.teachingclimatechange.com.au/
Quote 'This resource has been compiled by staff at The Australia Institute in conjunction with high school teachers and university academics who work in the field of climate change. The Australia Institute is a not-for-profit public interest think tank based in Canberra. For more information see our website http://tai.org.au . Funding for this project was generously provided by http://australianethical.com.au/Australian Ethical Investment Ltd.'

41. http://www.epa.gov/climatechange/wycd/school.html  A US government agency that will stoop as low as it takes to keep that funding coming in.

42. http://www.bioneers.org/campaigns/education/education-materials   Yet another group out to save ther world (at whose expense?) offering education materials to schools (USA).  In their own words 'As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, we provide a forum and social hub for education about solutions presented through the Bioneers Conference and our programs. Our media productions leverage this content to reach millions of people around the nation and the world with our award-winning radio series, Bioneers: Revolution From the Heart of Nature; anthology book series; television programs; and our interactive website. We act as a key source for the media, including third-party films and the press. Our DVDs, CDs and other educational materials are also used by colleges and schools and by community-based and other organizations to inform and inspire positive change at the local level.'

43. http://www.michellehenry.fr/warming.htm#lp  Possibly based in France, but this link to a 'lessons plans' section in English.  An example of 'useful idiocy' in full flight.

44. Two serial offenders in the crime of scaring children with needless alarmism about climate are the BBC and the British Council.  Here they seem to be collaborating: http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/try/lesson-plans/climate-change-overview

45. RootsnShoots. (UK) Yet another apparently well-intentioned site whose directors feel entitled to scare children about climate change due to CO2.  Check out their IceWorld cartoon for example, it can be found here - http://www.rootsnshoots.org.uk/resources/.  It include this caption beneath a cartoon of an ice-covered Scotland: 'Back when you come from it's all global warming this, global warming that. But climate change is more complicated than that. One day you're planning where best to build your swimming pool and the next, bam! The ocean currents change, the temperature drops and the whole population of Scotland is forced to move south.' and the next cartoon's caption is 'The smallest change in CO2 emissions back in your time could have saved this place. If only we'd known then what we know now
"The weather is closing in – I've got to get out of here. Go. Do your best. Help us." '

46. Australia.  http://www.csiro.au/carbonkids 'CarbonKids is an educational program that combines the latest in climate science with education in sustainability'

  Update 10 May 2012: 
'CHILDREN are learning the science of climate change with a program that will be run at schools around Tasmania.
Students at Dominic College in Glenorchy yesterday did hands-on experiments at the launch of the CSIRO program, called CarbonKids Energy Curriculum Resources.
"CSIRO believes in the importance of engaging tomorrow's decision-makers with the best possible climate science and we are working with teachers to introduce students to the basics of energy and climate," said program manager Angela Colliver.
The CarbonKids workshops are sponsored nationally by Bayer and CSIRO. Schools registered in the program receive training and access to resources for primary and middle-school children.'
Source: http://www.themercury.com.au/article/2012/05/09/326461_tasmania-news.html
Hat-tip: http://www.wakeup2thelies.com/2012/05/09/wind-turbine-blade-producer-is-sponsoring-the-carbonkids-science-program-in-australian-schools/
  Update 5 June 2012: The CarbonKids efforts to tie-in schools is being promoted by the government of New South Wales: http://www.fieldofmar-e.schools.nsw.edu.au/blog_files/a2953def6b6ddf3d3c26b1623219d2d1-96.html

47. Denmark. http://www.denmark.dk/en/servicemenu/media-room/DanishTech/Teaching-Climate.htm 
'The website provides teachers with inspiration for ways of teaching climate issues and presents a number of themes with climate-related teaching programmes.'  

48. Canada. http://www.greenhearted.org/index.html  'If you're like me, you are feeling a sense of responsibility for your students and their future. Scientists report that we only have a few years left to transform our society to a renewable energy economy to avoid catastrophic climate change. What is our role as educators in creating this transformation?'

49. Switzerland http://www.myclimate.org/climate-education.html 'Climate change is one of mankind's biggest challenges. How can we use our natural resources while preserving them? How can we manage to emit less CO2 in the future? Such and other questions are picked up on by myclimate's Climate Education department, which then provides suggested solutions. But myclimate's Climate Education not only aims to impart knowledge surrounding climate change and climate protection, it also aims to encourage people to act in their everyday lives.' 

50. EDF http://www.jointhepod.org/ in the UK: 'The Pod provides teachers with the resources and information they need to teach environmental issues and inspire students to run green activities in school, within the community and at home.'

51. UK 19 Feb 2012Project Genie has been mentioned on a couple of sites recently.  I am not sure if it is still active, but here is a link to the section of their site aimed at teachers: http://www.projectgenie.org.uk/Teachers.aspx
Here is a peek at their insidious video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZHctjCCEOY&feature=player_embedded

52. UK, but aiming at the world.  The odious 10:10 group are saying solar panels on school roofs are fun.  Better than suggesting children be destroyed by terrorists if their parents refuse to obey the green diktats, but still not acceptable.   http://green.thefuntimesguide.com/2011/12/solar-in-uk-schools.php 
Update 7 Oct 2015.  The funding which this odious organisation depends on for this solar trojan horse work is under threat:  http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/oct/07/solar-schools-project-threatened-by-renewable-energy-cuts

53. USA.  An environmental journalist (that title has almost become oxymoronic since so many of them do not function as journalists so much as mouthpieces for eco-activists including of course the ones purporting to be alarmed about CO2 and climate) has made an annotated list of sources of information for teachers on climate.  Her first graphic shows a hockey-stick plot, thereby getting off to a bad start! It all looks like bog-standard, trust the IPCC, uncritical faith in the alarmists' messages.
http://hdgc.epp.cmu.edu/teachersguide/teachersguide.htm  (sponsored by 'The Centre for Integrated Study of the Human Dimensions of Global Change' - what a boost climate alarmism must have been for them!  There's a fair chance they were born out of it.

54. Green Teacher has a list of sites, mostly aimed at teachers, here: http://www.greenteacher.com/links/linksclimatechange.html

55.  Is there no end to them?  Another US site pushing the facile faith of climate alarm on to children by means of their teachers: https://www.facingthefuture.org/ForEducators/EducatorsHome/tabid/67/Default.aspx

56. Scotland.  Hired to get the message to children in part of Scotland, and with the usual supporting chat on climate change: "Through funding from Scottish Power Renewables, ALIenergy are able to deliver educational work in pre-school, primary and secondary schools throughout Argyll and Bute." http://www.alienergy.org.uk/education.html

57. Scotland.  The state-funded Highlands and Islands Enterprise quango has a site promoting renewables, and it has an education section including the promotion of misleading material for primary schools:  http://www.hi-energy.org.uk/Education/Primary-School-Factsheets.htm

58. USA (Oregon based) Using children as cannon fodder in litigation across the States is a body with the contradicting name of 'Our Children's Trust':  http://ourchildrenstrust.org/
The site includes this advice 'Teach kids about their right to inherit a healthy planet. Youth have the most to lose, if we continue "business as usual" in emitting greenhouse gases.'  They describe their pushing children into court actions as 'We are here to empower and support youth as they stand up for their lawful inheritance: a healthy planet.'

59. USA (California based) The iMatter Campaign.  Here is another group up to the same trick with litigation by children:  http://www.imattermarch.org/#!  Quote 'Our work now includes youth leadership training and empowerment to address the climate crisis at all levels - through grassroots actions, judicial action, and legislative action.'
Note added 16 March 2017.  This group is still active.  Here is a report on them using children as lobbying-fodder:  https://midwestenergynews.com/2017/03/15/child-activists-score-big-climate-victory-in-small-minnesota-town/comment-page-1/

60. USA (California based?) Cool the Earth  Why anyone in their right mind would want to cool the earth is beyond me, but here is one couple who do and they want to make use of children to achieve their awful goal.  Why do they hate children so much?  http://cooltheearth.org/our-program/
Note added 21 Dec 2014: this is one of the longer-lasting of these sites.  They have secured funding from a dozen or so 'partners' and have had their materials used in quite a few schools, mainly in California and the NE states: http://www.cooltheearth.org/schools/list  None of the directors, nor their scientific advisors, have either credentials or experience in climate science.

61. Greece. Planet Agents.  Mostly in Greek, but some material in English and machine translation reveals yet another initiative to destroy childhood innocence and create little climate activists. http://www.planetagents.org/

62. USA. Lesson Planet: "Lesson Planet is the leading online curriculum search solution for PreK-12 educators" Climate Change Teacher Resource"Teacher-Reviewed Online Lesson Plans and Worksheets" : http://www.lessonplanet.com/search?keywords=Climate+Change&gclid=CLLK18ul-bMCFSTLtAodR24ATg

63. USA. Environmental Protection Agency.  This notoriously politically-driven agency has produced climate materials aimed at the young: http://www.epa.gov/climatestudents/index.html  This has been reviewed and severely criticised at the Skeptic's Corner blog, e.g. 'Do you believe the children of today are being given anything like a truly "historic" perspective on climate? I'll answer for you, of course they are not, they are being fed propaganda and rubbish by agenda driven progressive institutions like the EPA.'

64. AustraliaCarbon Clubs http://climateclubs.org.au/pages/about.html (See under Sites Aimed at Kids: 38. Australia. Climate Clubs for more details).  Possibly not active after 2011.

65. USA  'Keystone Science School Educator Programs challenge current and future leaders to balance the environmental, economic and social equity issues of today and tomorrow.'  I suspect that means they peddle the usual guff about climate, but I have not had time to sign-up, even if I am eligible, to find out more.  http://www.keystonecurriculum.org/

66. USA Global Warming Classroom.  Hurray!  A site that looks to be a good one:  http://www.globalwarmingclassroom.info/index.htm   I have a post about a related video here: http://climatelessons.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/climate-education-in-high-schools-what.html

67. EU.  Changing with Climate http://www.changingwithclimate.info/

68. UK Teach Climate Change  The usual one-sided stuff.  From a university of all places! http://www.teachclimatechange.org/

69. Australia. Poor old Australia.  Another convert, a chap called Jason Kimberley, who has had an 'eco-epiphany', has set out to recruit children for his cause: http://coolaustralia.org/curriculum-materials/

70. UK. National Association for Environmental Education.  To my shame, this is a new one for me. Until I have time to look at it further, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is promoting humane and well-informed materials and not the mindless and cruel alarmism of some other organisations..  http://naee.org.uk/
Update 25 Mar 2019.  Still not had time to study this site!  But just came across this, and it does not augur well:
'Students on Climate Strike.  The following letter appeared in The Times last Friday.  One of the very many signatories was NAEE trustee, Morgan Phillips:
Sir, Children and young people taking part in the school strikes for climate are to be commended, not ridiculed.  The UN intergovernmental panel on climate change has said that we need to take decisive action now to avoid the worst effects of climate breakdown.  Scorching temperatures, wildfires and floods are already claiming lives around the globe.  As more land becomes inhospitable, the refugee crisis will deepen.  Young people seem to understand the urgency of this issue, while governments continue to drag their feet.  The window for action is rapidly closing, and it is this generation, many not yet old enough to vote, who will have to deal with the consequences of global inaction.  People in this country have a proud tradition of standing up for what’s right, so it is fitting that our school children have taken on that mantle on one of the defining issues of our time.'  http://naee.org.uk/march-18th-2019/
71. USA. Teachers Guide.  An environmental journalist gives advice to teachers about climate:
http://hdgc.epp.cmu.edu/teachersguide/teachersguide.htm  This was apparently last updated in 2002, and the source site (part of Carnegie Mellon university) seems to have ceased activity in 2004.

72. UK. Children In A Changing Climate.  This is one of innumerable sites that have popped up to take advantage of the avalanche of grants and subsidies and donations available for 'good works' on climate.  This one specialise in promoting the extremist's dream of recruiting children for 'the cause'.  'We engage in climate change and development education projects across the globe, involving children and young people through formal and informal educational activities.'

73. UK. Atlantic Rising.  Being the tale of 3 naifs who got a grant to journey around the Atlantic coasts in 2009.  They noted upon their return that 'We don't claim to have all the solutions to stop sea levels from rising. ' , which must have been a severe blow to their funders.  They do have a teachers' page though: http://www.atlanticrising.org/classroom/teachers.asp

74. UK. 'Your Climate, Your Life' has a section aimed at teachers.  Shameless activism: 'It also includes a pledge that students are asked to complete at the beginning of any work on climate change and another form after completing work on any of the other sections. This can be done online and printed off or a word document can be downloaded to be given out to students to complete. The pledge asks students to make a change, this could be as simple as changing a light bulb.'   http://www.yourclimateyourlife.org.uk/teachers.html

75. UK. C4C: Climate for Classrooms  A source of junk from the British Council from its days as an agitator for climate alarm.  Probably dead in the water since 2012.  Good if so.  
This Royal Geographical Society link seemed to have something to do with it as well: http://www.rgs.org/OurWork/Schools/Teaching+resources/Key+Stage+4+resources/Climate+for+Classrooms/Climate+4+Classrooms.htm

76. USA. Green Ambassadors.  Offering 'sustainable development' modules for schools.  
http://greenambassadors.org/  Associated with a network of 'underserved schools' in Los Angeles: http://ecsonline.org/

77. International but mainly USA. Green Schools Alliance.   More conspiracy opportunities to push their point of view on children: 'Providing tools for managing change, Green Schools Alliance (GSA) is an international organization of sustainable schools that fosters collaboration among its members to help them set and meet individual and collective sustainability goals. Uniquely created by schools for schools, the GSA is a global peer-to-peer network of pre-K-12 schools represented by school decision makers (including sustainability coordinators, students, principals and heads, faculty, facility managers, business officers and other administrators and staff) who work together to solve climate and conservation challenges.'

78. UK: Children Against Global Warming.  This is an anonymous site, presumably created by campaigners keen to exploit children for their cause: http://www.cagw-uk.org/
Note added later: a search revealed that the site was started by a film maker called Kevin Smith:  'My name is Kevin Smith and I’m a film writer/director and I seriously wanted to do something about global warming, Initially I began researching for a possible fiction film, then after watching Al Gores ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ again, I was just as shocked as I was 8 years ago, in fact more so, as little or nothing had been done to combat global warming since (The CO2 in the atmosphere has actually increased by 25% since 2006 )' 

See: http://se-ed.co.uk/edu/children-global-warming/

79. UK: Sustainability and Environmental Education.  'Sustainability and Environmental Education (SEEd) is a registered charity that identifies, promotes, enables and supports environmental education and education for sustainable development in the UK.  SEEd is a charity registered in England: 1129275'
Another political body operating as a charity.  See for example: http://se-ed.co.uk/edu/what-we-do/advocacy-stakeholder-ngagement/  Their chief executive was a WWF activist: She was Head of Education/Social Change at WWF-UK and the Commissioner for Education and Capability Building for the Sustainable Development Commission (2005-2010).

80. UK: Royal Met Soc archived materials on climate history.  I have not had time to look at these materials, but I am not optimistic about them since I fear the RMetS has caught the CO2 Virus.  

81. USA: Schools for Climate Action (SCA).  Another slick-looking website of unknown origin, and unknown funding.  No such info on their site as far as I have seen.  Seems to be fronted by a 'Park Guthrie', an 'SCA volunteer and 6th grade teacher'.  Sinister to say the least.  Notorious as of Feb 2019 for helping to promote children taking time off from school on 15 Feb in order to protest about climate.


82. USA: Sunrise Movement.  Yet another slick front for something or other.  Astro-turfing for the leftwing of the Democrats perhaps.  Whatever.  Dire.

83. More astro-turfing, this time by UK government.  The 'iwill' campaign got £40million to brainwash in the 10 to 20 year old age group:
'All young people should be supported and empowered to be active citizens. That’s why the #iwill campaign, comprised of over 1000 organisations from across the UK, aims to make participation in social action the norm for young people aged 10 to 20. ['https://www.iwill.org.uk/about-us]
On the climate front, they have produced disgraceful propaganda of the usual dire kind aimed at winding children up, and getting them to take 'action'.  Because of a panic for which there is no remotely satisfactory justification.
[https://www.iwill.org.uk/global-action-plan-climate-chaos-response-toolkit-for-schools ]
relevant title:  https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/what-are-schools-for-anyway/

(4) Initiatives from universities aimed at least in part at schools:
1. Oxford: http://climatex.org

2. North East England

3. University of Sussex: http://www.ids.ac.uk/go/idsproject/building-a-climate-smart-future   and  http://www.childreninachangingclimate.org/

4. University of East Anglia

5. University College London, Project Genie (at least up to 2010):
video extract: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZHctjCCEOY&feature=player_embedded

6. University of Reading: http://www.walker-institute.ac.uk/news/news_ccactivities.html

7. University of Manchester  The usual one-sided stuff.  From a university of all places! http://www.teachclimatechange.org/

(5) Initiatives by schools and by organisations using or displacing schools as part of their political work

1. USA.  http://www.pennlive.com/editorials/index.ssf/2010/07/enviromental_issues_lets_prese.html
2. Some are doing it under the guise of sustainability:
(link to CELF site)
3. Here is an organisation which straddles schools and out of school activities in New York and Washington DC, and which seems to have taken upon itself to develop the youngsters in ways in which they thing the schools are failing to do:
Global Kids: http://www.globalkids.org/#/home  On the west coast of the USA there is Global Warming Kids which seems primarily concerned with teaching materials (part of http://climatechangeeducation.org/), and on the east coast there is Global Kids which seems primarily concerned with political agitation and the targeting of children to be activists.  They don't seem to linked.  GK describes itself as 'the premier non-profit educational organization for global learning and youth development - works to ensure that urban youth have the knowledge, skills, experiences and values they need to succeed in school, participate effectively in the democratic process, and achieve leadership in their communities and on the global stage.'  In other words, they want to get the youngsters on their side.  The grandiose neutrality of these words is a little unsettled.  The lack of reference to the funding of this very slick website is also.  The following event was organised by them: 'NEW YORK, Apr 16, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- Six hundred school students from New York City and Washington, D.C., will search for climate change solutions during an all-day conference April 20. Many of the students participate in Global Kids ( www.globalkids.org ), an award-winning in-school and afterschool international leadership program.'
4. USA 'Climate Parents'  Led by 3 eco-activists who clearly spotted this new bandwagon as a vehicle for their interfering in the lives of others: 'Climate Parents is a powerful movement of families advocating for bold solutions to climate change. We work at a national and regional level to fight dirty energy and scale up renewables, enact policies that help protect kids and communities from climate impacts, and ensure our kids learn climate science and solutions in school. We are fighting for a “kid safe and climate safe” energy system free from the carbon pollution fueling climate change and jeopardizing our kids' health.'   http://climateparents.org/about/

(6) NGO and UN sites targeting young people on climate

1. Red Cross, 18-25 year olds: http://www.ifrc.org/youth/climatechange/http://www.ifrc.org/youth/climatechange/

2. Oxfam  http://www.oxfam.org.uk/education/resources/climate_chaos/

3. Unicef  http://www.unicef.org.uk/Donate/Other-ways-to-donate/Carbon-calculator/

4. FEE  An NGO essentially there to facilitate UNEP campaigns in all the nations.  Professional busybodies on a global scale.  Here is their specific intiative aimed at schools: http://www.fee-international.org/en/Menu/Programmes/Eco-Schools

5. Mothers Out Front, USA.  Female victims of the climate scare doing their bit to 'ensure a livable climate for all children' - mainly by stopping fossil fuels, which if they succeed will surely kill or seriously harm vast numbers of children:
Recently promoted by the UN: https://unfccc.int/climate-action/momentum-for-change/women-for-results/mothers-out-front

(7) Further Information on Some of the Above

(7.1) Cool Kids For A Cool Climate.com.  Notes by Dave W.

The Cool Kids For A Cool Climate project was set up by Sarah Bowler, a member of Wildlife Watch in the UK.

From the “Take Action” page

“Burning fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur dioxide (SO2). These contribute to global warming, to acid rain and is pure torture for asthma sufferers. We are producing twice as much carbon dioxide in the world today than the Earth’s plants can convert back into Oxygen by photosynthesis and all this is made worse by deforestation. “

It also has a link to a “Reducing Greenhouse Gases At Home” page:
Which lists simple steps you can take. There is a further link at the bottom to a DEFRA site,
however that is currently being re-organised due to the recent change of government.

The “Tree Planting ” page

Notes that: All green plants photosynthesise – soaking up CO2, turning it into food and giving out Oxygen as a waste product. But then says: Planting trees is only a short-term solution to global warming. If we really want to eliminate global warming then we must stop using fossil fuels altogether. What will the plants feed on then?

The “Cool Kids Project” page:
Has a “Tree Calculator”
To help you work out how many trees you need to plant in order to offset your carbon footprint.

The “Climate Change News” page:
Doesn't appear to have been updated since 2008. It has the following headlines:

Meltdown in the Arctic is speeding up
Climate change: Prepare for global temperature rise of 4C, warns top scientist
The climate change clock is ticking
The final countdown
Environment: Climate activists occupy proposed site for coal-fired power station
Cheap way to 'split water' could lead to abundant clean fuel
'Oil from algae' promises climate friendly fuel
Cartoonists use humour to tackle climate change
Ten ways schools can reduce carbon emissions
British schools to join carbon trading scheme
Andes face glacial meltdown
One third of reef-building corals face extinction, study shows
G8 climate deal is empty promise, says UK government economist
A deal on climate change - but then the backlash
And the greenest university is ... Gloucestershire
Burning biofuels may be worse than coal and oil, say experts
Q&A: Emissions trading
Campaign aims to recycle Christmas 100m cards
Trees absorbing less CO2 as world warms, study finds
Giant sail technology could make shipping greener

All of these link to articles in the The Guardian newspaper.

There are further links to a page written especially by (former) Government Chief Scientific Advisor Sir David King:
Who quotes from the IPCC 3rd assessment report, and also says:

At over 370 parts per million, we are already living with levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that have not been seen on earth for at least 420 thousand years. The current level is already well beyond that seen in the atmosphere during Earth’s “warm periods” between ice ages, and is consistent with the Earth’s “hot periods”, such as around 60 million years ago when all ice on the planet melted.

Further links include Michael Meacher:

Who says: Ignore the optimists: the global warming horror stories are all true.

And an article written by BBC weatherman Paul Hudson in 2001:

The “Climate Change Explained” page: http://www.coolkidsforacoolclimate.com/Explained/Explainedindex.htm
Has a scary looking Flash animation apparently showing the World bouncing around, trapped in a Greenhouse.

The “Causes And Effects” page:
Has another Flash animation entitled:
Arnold the Polar Bear says "Global warming is not Cool".

All the pages on this site have small Polar Bear graphics at the foot of the page, some have additional ones elswhere.

“Your Stories”: http://www.coolkidsforacoolclimate.com/Your%20Stories/YourStoriesIndex.htm
Has several emailed stories from children regarding their activities, and tree planting.

The “Links” page: http://www.coolkidsforacoolclimate.com/Links/Links.htm
Has many to Climate related sites aimed at children.

(7.2) Cool It Schools.com .  Notes by Dave W.

The home page says “Cool it Schools is calling young people worldwide to do something positive about climate change.”

On the “Cool it Schools To Do list 10:10:10 are the following points:

Replace all the lights to energy savers – bad use of language for a school!!
Harvest apples and extend the vegetable growing area
Invest in a water butt
Fit chimney balloons
Replace the worn seals around windows and doors
Bike maintenance day
Buy an owl monitor and set going on 10:10:10 – set it going?

Make a wall chart listing how we can each save carbon
Decide our target for energy reduction for 12 months time
How could we invest the money we save – a bee hotel?

Start: A Garden Party To Make A Difference check out Showcases to see the 'Garden of Earthly Delights' made by our lovely visitors age 3 to 93! - further poor sentence construction and grammar. The link refers to another site “startgardenparty.co.uk” which lists a number of open garden events during September 2010.
Celebrate 2010 International Year of Biodiversity: Create your own Concrete Jungle.  Writing the World 2011 theme is 'Chain Reactions' so mess about with potions then write a poem for International Year of Chemistry.  The International Year Of Biodiversity links to a site provided by the Natural History Museum.

Several images on the page have embeded links:

http://www.startuk.org/ - which appears to be the organisation behind the garden party mentioned above. It is a project run by the Princes Trust.

http://www.biodiversityislife.net/  - see above.

http://www.zsl.org/zsl-london-zoo/ - London Zoo.

http://www.1010global.org/uk - the 10:10 campaign - unbelievable, considering the fall out from their exploding kids video....

http://www.350.org/ -


http://www.rainforestsos.org/ - another Princes Trust organisation.


http://www.coolitschools.com/switch-now – this in turn has links to renewable energy suppliers http://www.goodenergy.co.uk/  and http://www.ecotricity.co.uk/

The “Stop Press” of 20th October 2010 mentions http://www.coolitschools.com/node/386 - which encourages children to enter the following competition: http://www.1minutetosavetheworld.com/

The “About” page: http://www.coolitschools.com/what  says this:
Get Creative and Cool it! Calling all schools to join our global project for young people who want to do something positive about climate change and the environment.

By working as a team we can help stop polar ice caps melting, prevent rainforests being destroyed, plants vanishing, animals becoming extinct and much more besides.

This is your chance to show families, friends, governments and religious leaders just what you feel about the environment through the biggest display of ideas and imagination by young people ever seen on earth.

It also lists the people behind the site as being a painter, Jane Langley, who has a website: http://www.janelangley.com/  and a graphic designer and programmer, Nick Evans: http://www.nick-evans.com/

The “Showcase” page: http://www.coolitschools.com/projects  is a collection of pictures and linked projects.

The “Competitions” page: http://www.coolitschools.com/writing-the-world  is devoted to a “Writing The World” poetry competition.

The “Concrete Jungle” page: http://www.coolitschools.com/concrete-jungle  appears to be about schools setting up gardens and wildlife refuges. One paragraph is rather scaremongering:
“And, most important of all, with extinction accelerating at 1,000 times the fossil record (normal rate) you will be protecting our beautiful wildlife by providing new, safe habitats.”

Further embedded links go to:


http://www.nptc.org.uk/qualifications/  - City & Guilds.




The “T-Shirt” page: http://www.coolitschools.com/t-shirt  gives you details of a FairTrade manufactured shirt costing £25.

The “Switch Now” page: http://www.coolitschools.com/switch-now is the same one detailed in the link #9 on page one.

The “Register” page: http://www.coolitschools.com/user/register allows over 18's to join the site and be able to upload photo's etc.

A “Press” page: http://www.coolitschools.com/press  starts with:
”www.coolitschools.com is an online global show case where young people can display their climate change projects. It provides a rich insight into the attitudes, aspirations and wishes of the people for whom the future matters most – the next generation.”

“The web site has links that take you to the heart of the matter, and a comprehensive list of suggested topics approved by the Royal Society’s climate team.”
The “Links” page: http://www.coolitschools.com/links has all of the above, plus dozens more including Al Gore with his “Inconvenient Truth” site, and film director and founder of 10:10 Franny Armstrong and her “Age Of Stupid” site.

(7.3) The Youth Programme –  Cape Farewell dot com  .  Notes by Dave W.

This opens with a “Flash” banner at the top containing links to many of the sections. This site is clearly professionally designed, and must have cost a fair amount of money to develop and maintain. Many pages have small “Latest News” boxes with rolling stories.

The “About” page http://www.capefarewell.com/about.html  says:

"Climate change is a reality. Caused by us all, it is a cultural, social and economic problem and must move beyond scientific debate. Working internationally, we bring artists, scientists and communicators together to stimulate the production of art founded in scientific research. Using creativity to innovate, we engage artists for their ability to evolve and amplify a creative language, communicating on a human scale the urgency of the global climate challenge.

The main sections are:
 “Art Programme” http://www.capefarewell.com/art.html

“Climate Science” http://www.capefarewell.com/climate-science.html

"Expeditions” http://www.capefarewell.com/expeditions.html

“Youth Programme” http://www.capefarewell.com/youth.html

“About Us” http://www.capefarewell.com/about.html

“Engagement” http://www.capefarewell.com/media.html
“News and Events” http://www.capefarewell.com/news.html

“Press Office” http://www.capefarewell.com/press-office.html
“Contact Us” http://www.capefarewell.com/contact.html
“Site Map” http://www.capefarewell.com/site-map.html

Each page has further sections and sub-sections,  and it is not feasible to give details of  them all,
the detailed Site Map is therefore very useful.

The Board of Trustees include: Graham Devlin who was previously Deputy Secretary General and Acting Chief Executive of the Arts Council of England. The Arts Council are the major sponsor of this outfit.  Charlie Kronick (Chair) who is the Director of Climate Strategy for Greenpeace UK. Diana Liverman is a Director of the Environmental Change Institute. ECI hosts or co-hosts national and international projects that include the UK Climate Impacts Programme, the Oxford node of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, the UK Energy Research Centre, and the ICSU Global Environmental Change and Food Systems (GECAFS) international project office. Ian McEwan, a writer. Fiona Morris, who is Head of Arts for Initial Television, part of the Endemol UK Group. Endemol makes a number of programmes for the BBC. Prof Chris Wainwright, who is the Head of Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon Colleges, at the University of the Arts London and President of ELIA, (The European League of Institutes of the Arts).  Michael G Wilson, OBE has been involved in the writing and production of several Bond movies.
They claim to be “A charitable organisation (UK regsitration No 1094747)  made possible through sponsorship, partnerships and donations.”
The “Partners and Sponsors” page: http://www.capefarewell.com/about/partners-and-sponsors.html

is surprisingly devoid of any details, apart from the 3 organisations whose logos appear at the foot of every page: The Arts Council, The Musagetes Foundation & The Southbank Centre. Hovering the mouse over these logos shows the first to be a major sponsor, but the other two as “Partners”, which isn't quite the same thing.

The “Collaborations” page: http://www.capefarewell.com/art/collaborators.html  lists the Arts Council, the Eden Project, the Barbican Art Gallery, the Southbank Centre, the Natural History Museum, the Tate, RSA  Arts & Ecology, and the Plusequals Agency.  Further details in the notes below.

“Things you can do” : http://www.capefarewell.com/about/partners-and-sponsors.html

has links to renewable energy supplier “Good Energy” http://www.goodenergy.co.uk/

It also includes: Further sustainable lifestyle ideas:

Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth? by Joe Smith and Andrew Simms.

Do The Green Thing and try out some of the suggestions.

50 Ways to Help the Planet give(s?) you a good idea of how you can easily do your share to help.
From the “Climate Science” page: http://www.capefarewell.com/climate-science.html:

“Cape Farewell exists because Director and Founder David Buckland read an article by a NASA scientist who said the window of opportunity for dealing with climate change was very short, perhaps less than 10 years. He started to investigate it further and there was a huge frustration with climate scientists who knew there was a problem, but couldn't find a way to communicate it to the public, partly because there were no images or succinct message about climate change. The ambition for Cape Farewell was to create a new bank of ideas, of imagery, of writing - to find a new language to talk about climate change.”  It also has logos with embeded links to: the National Oceanography Centre Southampton, the British Geological Survey, the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford, the Scottish Association of Marine Science and the Environmental Institute of University College London.

“Facts and Issues”: http://www.capefarewell.com/climate-science/facts.html  has some rather contradictory information. It starts by saying: “There appears to be enough evidence over the last century to indicate that global warming is taking place, though even this is still disputed by some. What is in greater dispute are its causes. There is some evidence that people's economic and other activities are causing the change because of various forms of pollution and land use change. The increased amounts of C02 in the atmosphere as a result of burning fossil fuels is blamed by many as one of the main causes. There are, however alternative explanations that show how longer term climatic changes can occur for a variety of reasons.”

- all showing a degree of sceptiscm. But then states:

“World economies demand we continue to burn fossil fuels, notably coal, to deliver power at the cheapest cost. Rising CO2 and Methane levels are the reason for global warming, and their use continues to push up the world's temperature to dangerous levels, predicting worldwide economic and social destabilisation, let alone any concerns for the welfare of the planet.”
From the “Facts” page: http://www.capefarewell.com/climate-science/facts/facts.html

we learn that: “One of the primary sources of information about climate change are the Assessment Reports from the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

These reports are written by a team of scientists and contain clear facts about what is happening.”

Then further down:

“Scientists have developed sophisticated systems that allow them to predict what will happen to our climate in the next 100 years. These systems aren't perfect and there is a range of possible outcomes.”

The “Scientific Evidence” page: http://www.capefarewell.com/climate-science/facts/scientific-evidence.html refers to “The direct correlation between temperature and CO2 levels: as the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere rise, so does the temperature.”  But fails to mention that historically CO2 levels have lagged behind temperatures by some 800 years. There are further references to temperature measurements and accompanying graphs sourced from the IPCC, but these graphs are missing from the page.

A rather long talk given by journalist Ross Gelbspan in 2006 is worth reading just to compare his claims with what we now know as a result of the UEA CRU “leak”:


The “Art Resources” page:


has 7 downloadable videos and accompanying notes, to encourage them to use art to get the enivironmental message over to a wider audience.

“Science Resources”:


has 8 videos and notes on a range of subjects. This is aimed at teachers, to help them intoduce climate-science to pupils.

Further material is available for GCSE projects. The book and accompanying DVD “Burning Ice” get frequent mention throughout the site.

“Links and Resources”:


includes many popular pro – AGW sites, such as the BBC, IPCC, Tyndal Centre, CRU, Met Office, EPA, WWF.

There are also blogs for each of the expeditions, including the most recent during September and October this year (2010): http://www.capefarewell.com/2010expedition/

Notes: The most recent accounts show that Cape Farewell is based at the Southbank Centre, the major sponsor being the Arts Council. A copy (PDF) can be downloaded here:


(7.4) Clean Air Kids  .  Notes by JS

(the clean-air-kids site [correction added 16Oct10, thanks to email from Sue Spolton] is not part of an 'independent educational resources' site called 'topmarks', and this in turn seems to be from a partnership called 'Topmarks Education', run by Sue and Chris Spolton [I apologise for suggesting that it might have been part of either].  Links from there lead to a website called http://www.greenhouse-warming.org.uk/, another called http://www.sustainable-environment.org.uk/, a third called http://www.weather-climate.org.uk/, a fourth called http://www.ozone-hole.org.uk/, and a fifth called http://www.air-quality.org.uk/.  All with the same layout, and identical anonymity.

(7.5) Kids for Saving the Earth .  Notes by JS.

(a propaganda song broadcasts when you link . Mao would have been so proud)  An American non-profit based in Minnesota, intent on politicising children, even very young children, across a range of issues including climate change.  Their global warming postion and suggestions for action are given in a pdf file downloadable from here: http://www.kidsforsavingearth.org/whatsnew.html.  Usual stuff - atmosphere compared to a greenhouse!

(7.6) ClimateKids - NASA site.
'You don’t get that impression from NASA’s ‘Climate Kids‘ website. I told myself I wouldn’t use the word propaganda in this post, but the website is so one-sided and it is so obviously designed to appeal to emotion I don’t know what else to call it. Go ahead and visit before I describe it and see if you agree. I’ll wait.
Alright. In this post I will give you a tour of their site, hitting all the main sections. This is quite a long post with lots of pictures and one video, so take your time reading this one. Let’s first take a look at their ‘Big Questions‘ section. The first big question is What does “global climate change” mean? In the answer, the following two points appear:'
Details: http://weaselzippers.us/2011/01/24/nasa-targets-children-with-climate-kids-global-warming-propaganda-website/

He finishes his piece with this:

'There is an obvious question to be asked here. Why do we need federal agencies to create programs which educate children about climate change? Even if we ignore that question and accept the role of federal agencies as educators, we still are left with a completely one-sided presentation. There is no mention in the NASA site of uncertainties. There is practically no timescale presented to give context. The site urges children to pick certain 'green' careers over others. The positives of renewable energy are praised, with no mention of the drawbacks. Whether or not you believe this site should even exist (with taxpayer funding), certainly we can all agree the issues presented need to be balanced. There is no balance on the NASA Climate Kids website. I'd wager that if all references to NASA were removed, the site would be indistinguishable from an environmentalist site.
NASA, can't you find something better to do with our money?'

(7.7) ClimateKids - Canadian government site.  More trite, one-sided, biased, inadequate, misleading propaganda aimed at children.  See the remarks above on the NASA site.  Have these people no shame?  https://climatekids.ca/


  1. Thank you for listing all my allies. Your blog is perhaps going to end up serving a purpose it wasn't meant to. I also appreciate all the traffic you're driving to my site.

    I can't figure out why you take issue with educators learning about what's happening in the world and to the future. I know I have a problem with teachers who scare their students with this stuff. Childhood is for kids. But we adults ought to be working very hard together to make the necessary changes to ensure a climate-safe future for the children of all species.

    The zero-carbon perpetual energy economy that we have to move to anyway (for lots of other reasons) will be safer, cleaner, healthier, more equitable and more peaceful. What's to argue with on that?

  2. Your picture makes you look far too cheerful to have so many dismal allies! Anyway, glad to be of service and here's hopng you'll send some folks this way where it is quite quiet. As for the climate, I suspect there is very little indeed we can, or indeed ought, to do about it other than continue developing our technology and wealth to cope with whatever the system sends our way. No need to scare the kids, no need to recruit them to pester their parents, no need to make them think the world's cares are on their shoulders. The awful diversion of resources and destruction of optimism that this absurd fuss over CO2 has caused and will continue to cause for many more years, has just been a waste of everyone time. As for getting safer, healthier, more equitable, and more peaceful - a lot of that has been happening since the industrial revolution, interrupted most dramatically by totalitarian regimes which shared much in common with the current greenie desire to control everything and tell us all what to believe and how to live. Soon to be repackaged for global consumption as 'sustainable development' - two words I am so pleased to see you did not use in your comment! Can't have been easy for you.

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