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Monday, 15 September 2014

Good News: teachers with integrity resist climate campaigner corruption in their schools

Children have long been seen as an easy target by zealots intent on using them to help achieve their political ends.  Climate alarm campaigners provide a modern example of this.  But it may be harder than they presume.  Some parents will resist it.  Some pupils will see through it. Some teachers may seek to protect their pupils from the moral harm, mental anguish, and distorted curricula that climate campaigners want to inflict on the young.  All in the name of saving them of course. If you claim to love the environment above all things, you can easily despise children as the 10:10 campaigners revealed in their 'No Pressure' video in which pupils were depicted being brutally murdered by their teacher because their parents had not toed the party line on reducing energy consumption.  This was vivid brutality but mercifully fictional - the campaigners apparently finding it a jolly wheeze to help promote their cause.  But harm comes in many guises from this source.  The harm of telling children
that polar bears will die if they don't turn off lights.  The harm of telling children that their parents are helping to destroy the planet and need to be stopped.
 The harm of telling children that industrial progress is going to kill them.  The harm of telling children that carbon dioxide is a pollutant - a gas they produce and emit with every breath.  The harm of telling children that 'climate science is settled' and they have to obey 'authorities' about what it means for their lives.  The general harm of projecting vivid, scary, threatening scenarios to the young, and telling them they are certain to occur unless ... Unless the children do what they tell them to do.  A generation of docile, cowed, submissive children would be ideal for anyone intent on controlling the lives of us all.  No wonder the left is so keen on climate change campaigning.

Well, researchers are finding that some teachers* don't care for it.  On Bishop Hill we learn of lamenting by climate campaign collaborators because:

[Researchers] found that the teachers did not consider it their role to try to solve today's major social or scientific problems. Instead, the science teachers said they preferred to 'maintain the integrity' of the science rather than to explore the social, economic or political implications.

That's good that they wish to protect the integrity of their subjects.  Let us hope they succeed.

We might also hope that many teachers are determined to protect the integrity and well-being of their pupils as well.  Let us hope they succeed.

*Footnote.  But are such teachers in a minority?  For indications of the possible scale of climate-linked indoctrination in schools in the UK, see the report 'Climate Control: Brainwashing in Schools'.

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