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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Parents, school pupils and teachers sceptical about climate alarmism - a non-random sample, but encouraging nevertheless

From one of those online polls that inevitably suffers from self-selection by respondents, we see these encouraging results about school pupils, parents, and teachers being sceptical about 'climate change' (which I am interpreting as the short-hand used by activists to denote 'OMG we are in trouble, man-made CO2 is going to wreck everything - i.e. climate alarmism' rather than the literal meaning which is no more than a platitude):
Pity about the 'aministrators', but I guess they are just protecting their jobs, or at least their ears from the tirade that any activist teacher het-up about CO2 would probably subject them to.  

The display above is from a post at the USA's National Science Teachers Association site: http://nsta.org/publications/news/story.aspx?id=59035 .  There are no claims there that the results are representative of any more than the opinions of those who chose to respond to their online poll.  That's good.  And I couldn't find any report of how many actually responded, and what fraction they may be of their membership, and that's not so good..  But no matter, this is just a chunk of data that gives a peek into the view of some members of the NSTA.  Since I'd like to stay cheerful, I have picked out and reproduced below those quotes from the examples given which I happen to find unambiguously encouraging.  So this is a chunk of opinion that has been doubly selected!

I believe that “climate change” education is used to indict western civilization of false[ly]-manufactured crimes. Most of what the general news media and the education establishment insist upon as true science is simply not. Also, the numerous incidents of researchers altering data and cherry-picking sensor locations in order to influence data have left the United Nations’ and other groups’ theories and claims discredited and untrustworthy.
—Other, Middle School, High School, Ohio

As an educator in the field of science for 10 years, I am myself still very skeptical...I see too many dollar signs involved in this indoctrination.
—Educator, Middle School, Oklahoma

 I am teaching my students that there is little to no evidence that climate change is [hu]manmade and that the reason that it is such a big deal is because of the money that is being exchanged in order for scientists to support the idea.
—Educator, Middle School, New York

 Poor science on the climate change and obvious falsification of data as shown in the “Climategate” memos...Present side-by-side presentations: Give Al Gore two days, and I do a counterpoint on one day.
—Educator, High School, Kansas

Politically based, not science based…students either believe [humans are] the evil-doer[s] of all that happens in this world, or they disbelieve in global warming.
—Educator, Middle School, California

Sadly, there are at least as many discouraging quotes.  OK, here's just one to show what I mean:

Also there is no debate among scientists about the cause; the only “debate” is among the media and “scientists” working for the oil industry…The media lies.
—Educator, Middle School, Florida

So what is encouraging?  It is merely that there are some teachers, parents, and pupils out there who have not been hoodwinked by the alarmism.  A well-designed sample-survey in this area would be very welcome, but who would do it?  Who would allow it in their school?  Not those 'administrators' I suspect!  After all, perhaps the views now widely labelled 'sceptical' are in fact in a clear majority overall, and would actually deserve the label  'sensible'.

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