'Finally, it is essential that intellectual integrity be restored to the scientific profession. Too much money has been devoted to funding global warming scientists, who have depended for their livelihood on a high level of public and political anxiety about global warming, and have hence tended to suppress the evidence against the popular hysteria. .... Enlightenment standards of scientific integrity have been subverted by government cash and media hysteria. For the sake of all our futures this must never be allowed to happen again.'
Martin Hutchinson, http://www.tbwns.com/2015/07/20/the-bears-lair-global-warming-hysteria-one-huge-ghastly-mistake/

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Global Warming Brainwashing: "Our children have been lied to their entire lives"

Thanks be to American Thinker for publishing this:

December 15, 2010

"Global warming brainwashing

Carol Headrick

It's freezing.  Our kids have been lied to their entire lives. 

Step outside and ask yourself if billions of your tax dollars were well spent on Global Warming.  What if the amount is in the trillions?  Generations of American children have grown up being taught the dangers of man-made global warming.  On just one day, my twelve year old son heard about global warming in his science class, his Planet Earth video in English class, and in the Green Ideas in his school newspaper.  It comes close to being brain-washed.  Many teachers are also brain-washed.  They too have been taught that the science behind global warming is settled.  Our teachers need to be introduced to Climategate.  Simple words will spell it out.  The data was manipulated and made up, facts omitted, disagreements silenced.  Pass this on to our children.  They have been lied to their whole lives and deserve better. 

The great Global Warming Scientists were and are still well-funded and continue this farce.  The latest name is Global Climate Disruption.  We have been lied to and continue to be lied to.  We should not only be mad but demand that anyone participating in this fraud be prosecuted.  Any funding should immediately be ceased.  Thinking Americans should research Global Warming for themselves.  The worst part is finding out why.  But most of all, I want our children to grow up to be thinkers. "