Unfortunately, some misuse science. Some of their intentions, are far from benevolent. They see science as a mechanism for political power and control. There is great danger from those who would use science for political control over us.

How do they do this? They instill, and then continuously magnify, fear. Fear is the most effective instrument of totalitarian control.

Chet Richards, physicist,


Thursday, 21 November 2019

Climate Sense from a Politician - let your children see this

Aussie MP Rubbishes Climate Emergency Myth.

That invaluable blog, 'Not a Lot of People Know That', has an embedded video of an Australian politician making some telling points about a climate emergency which has become as fashionable as it is unfounded:


More of this please.  Will schoolteachers dare use this short video clip in class?  Let us hope there are still some in that profession who value reality over ideology, and dislike scaremongering about CO2.

For more by way of chapter and verse, with lots of illustrations, about there not being a 'climate emergency' try:  https://realclimatescience.com/2019/11/there-is-no-climate-crisis/
'There is no climate crisis, but there is a crisis of climate superstition, fraud, incompetence, and censorship.  And it is being used to terrify children and threaten the future of western civilization.'
(hat-tip: http://climatescience.blogspot.com/2019/11/there-is-no-climate-crisis-and-heres.html)

Or, if you prefer video, here is a good one on this topic by the same author:
(hat-tip: Greenie Watch)

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