Unfortunately, some misuse science. Some of their intentions, are far from benevolent. They see science as a mechanism for political power and control. There is great danger from those who would use science for political control over us.

How do they do this? They instill, and then continuously magnify, fear. Fear is the most effective instrument of totalitarian control.

Chet Richards, physicist,


Saturday, 6 July 2019

Helping teachers challenge climate-scare propaganda

Graphic: http://thepeoplescube.com/
Helping school teachers cope with the onslaught of climate-scare propaganda is an important task.  It seems very unlikely that that propaganda will go away for many more years to come - there being too many vested interests benefitting from it.  So it is a question of mitigation.

Paul Driessen reports on an initiative aimed at helping with this:

'It’s time to challenge the steady diet of bias, false information and alarmism on climate change that students are fed in and outside of their classrooms. Science and public policy analyst Dr. David Wojick has launched an important new project to do exactly that.
From kindergarten onward, our young people are repeatedly told that they, our wildlife and our planet face unprecedented cataclysms from manmade climate change, resulting from our fossil fuel use. The science is settled, they are constantly hoodwinked, and little or no discussion is allowed in classrooms.'
Dr Wojick has so far compiled a list of nearly 200 video clips of talks or other material by people who have not lost their minds over the CO2 panic, and whose expositions could help youngsters realise, at the very least, that there are strong scientific, social, economic, and political grounds for calling halt to the madness.  For example, here is his list of videos featuring Prof Lindzen:   https://ccdedu.blogspot.com/2019/05/videos-by-richard-lindzen.html
He has also been working on what he calls 'gatebreakers', and has produced these three:
These are brief posts apparently aimed at encouraging people to pause before presuming the Panic Position on a topic is immune from rational criticism.  He also provides, in sister posts, links to topic searches on Google Scholar to back this up.  These are in spirit a bit like the '10-minute trainers' I have posted on this blog. 
He is seeking funding for developing this project further.  Donations can be made on this crowdfunding link:   https://www.gofundme.com/climate-change-debate-education
Looks very worthwhile to me, and I hope he has great success with it.  Here is an extract from his appeal for funds:
'Help me build a skeptical climate education portal

Students and teachers need skeptical science and we plan to deliver it.

There are many on-line sources of alarmist climate change education materials (see my listing of 33 ) but none for the realistic skeptical view. A recent poll says that many teachers want to teach about the real climate debate, not just alarmist side. But skeptical teaching materials are scarce, so we propose to build a climate change debate education website, with your help.

On the content side we are collecting classroom material that is suitable for high school or lower grades, which means it has to be relatively non-technical and non-political (no bashing). I myself have five lesson plans to put in, on solar activity, the little ice age, ocean circulation, etc. Our team plans to write more.'

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