'Children don’t choose to advocate for political agendas. That choice is made for them. Sometimes those decisions are made by their parents. Other times it’s made by a totalitarian machine lubricated by hundreds of thousands in grant money stolen from their parents in order to brainwash their children. Greta, depressed, terrified, angry, and traumatized, is the intended outcome of that machine. '

Monday, 18 March 2019

Greta and the Two Degrees: can they help calm this climate-troubled teenager?

Josh as ever is on the ball, and so is WUWT:   https://wattsupwiththat.com/2019/03/18/monday-mirthiness-gretas-two-degrees/

The chart the kindly chappie is waving in the cartoon was published on WUWT in a very recent post by the maestro data-sleuth, Willis Eschenbach.  The 2C is of course widely touted by climate scaremongers as a jump that would be such a shock to what they like to believe is such a delicate Earth climate system that it would be a dreaded 'tipping point'.  Eschenbach pointed out that at least for the continent of Europe, a 2C jump has already taken place according to some records over the last 120 years or so:

'We’ve done the 2°C experiment … so where are the climate catastrophes?
Seriously, folks, we’re supposed to be seeing all kinds of bad stuff. But none of it has happened. No cities gone underwater. No increase in heat waves or cold waves. No islands sinking into the ocean. No increase in hurricanes. No millions of climate refugees. The tragedies being pushed by the failed serial doomcasters for the last 30 years simply haven’t come to pass.'
Now that temperature history of course is only for Europe, but it is a pretty big area.  The pioneering climatologist Hubert Lamb, for example, thought it could provide insight into global climate variation.
It may also be worth pointing out that according to other records, the Earth climate system experiences an average surface temperature jolt of about 4C or so every year between January and July (and again, of course, between July and January in the other direction).  The 20th century average for January being 12.0C, and for July 15.8C according to these folks at NOAA.  Those being averages, we can speculate that some years see even larger jumps than 3.8C.
Now none of this is conclusive.  First of all, the 2C jump was just in Europe (as so far determined), and secondly the annual cycle means we change gradually from month to month, and do not linger at a particular temperature for long.  But they certainly don't suggest we are dealing with a terribly fragile system, ready to 'tip' at a modest provocation of say a 2C change in average surface temperature.  
These insights might just encourage Greta and her followers to pause for thought.
Note July is warmer than January even though we are closest to the Sun in January each year.  This is because there is a relatively large area of land pointing more directly at the Sun during the northern summer, and land heats up more readily in sunlight than does the ocean.

Note added 19 Mar 2019.  Poor Greta, what chance did she have when the mighty Climate Alarm Industry plotted to exploit children for destructive political ends before she even started high school:   https://climatelitigationwatch.org/genesis-of-a-shakedown-new-records-expose-childrens-marches-as-long-planned-component-of-litigation-campaign/
(hat-tip Climate Science )
And what chance do vulnerable/gullible children in the UK have when the BBC as well as some of their teachers are 'cheer-leading' this shameful silliness of 'striking about climate':   https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2019/03/19/how-the-bbc-cheerleads-for-kids-climate-strike/
'The French urologist and book author describes Ms. Thunberg as “a shamefully manipulated victim” who needs to be protected, but says her radical ideas “must be attacked relentlessly”.
Criminal child abuse?
The tragedy of Greta Thunberg, Alexandre comments, is that “the child is all the more manipulable as her parents have made her disability public (which is irresponsible on their part)” and that as a doctor he believes that “revealing the neuropsychiatric state of minor children to the media should be a crime!”
He concludes:
We have known since Hans Asperger’s description of the syndrome in 1941 that Asperger’s children are sometimes brilliant but always fragile; instrumentalizing them is a moral fault.”


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