'There is no climate crisis, but there is a crisis of climate superstition, fraud, incompetence, and censorship. And it is being used to terrify children and threaten the future of western civilization.'

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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Climate Education: a chance to sponsor a promising video

 An experienced film-maker is seeking to raise $130,000 to fund the creation of a short (7 minute) video about the notional costs of 'stopping' climate change according to IPCC methods and materials.  Apart from the fatuousness of trying to stop climate change, the notion is also an extremely extravagant one since the costs involved far exceed the expected costs of adapting to the projected conditions that this odious organisation promotes as our likely fate without such expenditure.  Fifty times more according to the calculations of Lord Monckton who is supporting this very worthwhile venture.  I think this video could well be very useable within schools, and so I have made a donation towards the costs.  Watch the promotional video below, and perhaps you will too:

Hat-tip: Bishop Hill
More background information on the proposed video can be found at WUWT:

This video, website and interview combination is a game-changer and could radically shift the climate debate.  But it will only have an impact if a large number of people watch the video.  The video needs to be so fun, fast paced and visually engaging that people will not only watch it, but also pass it on for their friends to watch.  7 minutes is an ideal length because it’s short enough to keep people’s attention, whilst being long enough for us to pack in all the information required to understand the maths and economics behind 50 to 1.  It’s effectively a short film which mixes the presentation of the maths and formulae with animations to illustrate every step along the way AND snippets of interviews with internationally respected experts lending the weight of their professional opinions to the subject.
President Vaclav Klaus, Professor Henry Ergas, Professor Fred Singer, Anthony Watts, Professor David Evans, Christopher Essex, and Joanne Nova have all agreed to be interviewed and we are still waiting to hear back from a few others.  Traveling with a production crew (to North America and Europe and back as well as around Australia) to get the interviews, as well as studio filming, editing, animating, colour grading and audio sweetening costs money.  That’s why I need your help.

Sounds good to me.   I hope he gets all the money he needs.

Contributions can be made by credit-card here, and a PayPal option may also become available.

Note added 6 May 2013.  Payment by PayPal is now available.
Note added 7 May 2013.  An update video clip.  It contains the good news that Donna Laframboise has been added to the list of interviewees.