'According to Wrightstone, we should be communicating to young people that life is better than it’s ever been before. Earth is thriving, prospering, greening and benefiting from that growth. We have longer life expectancies; our food production is outpacing population growth. Air is getting cleaner. Our water is cleaner. Droughts and fires are in decline. Humanity and the earth are thriving and prospering which is in contrast to what we are being told and we just don’t see it. There’s an unrelenting barrage day after day of incorrect information that fits political ideologies and narratives, but it just isn’t correct science.'


Friday, 21 December 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my readers!

I have not been able to keep up a regular flow of posts here, and I want to apologise for that to any regular readers.  But I hope that the links I provide to more active, and more important, sites (on the right hand side of this screen) will be convenient.  I also hope that some of the posts already made will still be of value for a bit longer, and that also the reference 'pages' I provide will prove helpful from time to time.

I have been building up notes for a series of posts I plan to make next month on the ongoing targeting of children to create activists driven by climate alarm, or to get to their parents to help sustain that alarm.  While the scientific case for such alarm continues to be exposed more widely as being a weak one, and while more politicians seem to making tentative first steps away from domination by environmentalism, there is in the background so to speak, a relentless pushing of alarm or some version of responsibility for doing something about it on to school children.  I suppose that will take decades to reverse and to repair some of the harm caused, and so a delayed posting on a very minor blog will not make a noticeable difference to that.

I am signing off now for Christmas.  I do not have any religious faith, but I do admire the Christian religion for its high ideals, and its open compassion and generosity to all.  I am quite content that they have taken over the pagan festival of this time of year - their music, their sentiments, their actions all enhance it as far as I have found.  Merry Christmas!

Next post some time early in January.  A good deal of progress was made in 2012 on pushing against the promotion of belief in CAGW.  That alarmism is still the 'establishment' view, but surely there are signs that this particular 'tide in the affairs of man' is on the turn.  The 'catastrophism' at least may be being tempered.  Let us hope so.  Happy New Year!
Note added 26 December 2012.  Here is a timely illustration of Christian compassion applied to all those who have harmed the world for decades past and no doubt decades to come with their irresponsible and sometimes ugly scaremongering over carbon dioxide:
'However vicious and cruel the true-believers in the global-warming fantasy have been to those few of us who have dared publicly to question their credo that has now been so thoroughly discredited by events, we should make sure that the rat-hole we dig for their escape from their lavish folly is as commodious as possible.'  Christopher Monckton



dave ward said...

Seasons greetings, John. I look forward to your posts next year. I agree there is a long way to go, but the mere fact that some MP's are actually speaking out, and even disobeying the whips, is encouraging!


Doug Cotton said...

All should read the breaking news here, from which I quote:

" This story is huge. America’s prestigious National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and related government bodies found no greenhouse effect in Earth’s atmosphere. Evidence shows the U.S. government held the smoking gun all along – a fresh examination of an overlooked science report proves America’s brightest and best had shown the White House that the greenhouse gas effect was not real and of no scientific significance since 1979 or earlier."

For those who have been following the research by myself and others from among nearly 200 members at Principia Scientific International, I'd like to draw your attention to an Appendix now added to my current paper.

Have a Happy Christmas everyone!

MostlyHarmless said...

Your greetings are warmly returned (just give them a light wipe with a damp cloth, or an alarmist if to hand). I must remember to buy a copy of the new Mayan calendar - my existing copy's expired I find. I echo your sentiments on the Christian faith and adopting their festivals when appropriate. Continuing that theme, perhaps an advent calendar for the forthcoming AR5 might be an idea.? I'll have to ponder on what the little doors might reveal.

Don't despair on your recent post hiatus. I'm sure the muse will return as it did for me. I only hope you and I don't develop RSI - Repetitive Sceptic Injury, involving bulging eyes and a red complexion, caused by reading all the bovine excrement we're fed daily.

Fang Tentmate said...

Thank you for your seasonal greetings. I too am able to find some things that I like in the practices of those whose religion I do not share. I reflected on this as I watched the gathering daylight reveal the near-cruciform structures erected on prominent sites nearby. I have struggled for some time now to find a reasonable explanation as to their purpose. This morning I experienced a revelation. This is the symbolism of the new religion.

When is their annual festival I pondered? Did their High Priest deliberately model himself on the worst characteristics of the old religion? If so, he is to be congratulated on achieving such a level of arrogance, disdain for real evidence and contempt for his congregation.

The result of all this contemplation was that, like you, I was left with positive thoughts towards aspects of the the old religion. Mostly though, because I didn't have to fund it.

Very best seasonal wishes to you and your family JS. A very Happy New Year when it comes. I look forward to what you have to write in the 2013.

Alex Cull said...

A very Happy New Year to John Shade and commentators - 2013 looks like it's going to be another interesting one! Looking forward to reading some more good posts on Climate Lessons this year.

JS said...

Thank you everyone for these encouraging remarks. I wish you all good progress with your own efforts in 2013!

Unknown said...

Very Crispness (global warming pun) and a Happy New Year to you-all here. Wasn't aware that my GelbspanFiles posts were being carried in the "Commentary Blogs" links here until a short time ago. Indebted to you for that nice favor!