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Friday, 20 January 2012

Climate Change Scaremongering threatens the physical as well as the mental wellbeing of children: wind turbines in school grounds now complement the scare stories in school rooms

Wind-turbines have been installed in schools in the north of Scotland, no doubt driven by the Scottish government’s pursuit of its nightmarish daydream of massive expansion of wind-energy.  A pursuit being justified by a supine trust in assertions that (a) rising CO2 levels in the air are a real and present danger of great severity and (b) modest reductions in human-related emissions in industrialised countries can have an appreciable effect on them, and on climate.  I say modest, because it is well-established that windfarms have a next to negligible effect in reducing industrial CO2 thanks not just to the CO2 produced in their manufacture, installation, and maintenance, but also to the CO2 from the required back-up provided by conventional power sources forced to operate in a sub-optimal way and the additional CO2 from relocation of industries to countries with fewer emission controls.  In addition, examples abound that even a wholesale overnight cessation of human-related CO2 emissions in entire countries such as Australia would, by the theories of the IPCC itself, have a negligible effect on climate.  We may conclude that a shutting-down of Scotland would have even less effect.  Only abject fear could make anyone lose so much rationality as to want to pursue such a goal.  The kind of fear that climate alarmists would love to see spread throughout our schools.

‘Information provided by the authority shows that turbines have been erected, at a cost of £25,000 each, at nine north schools – Crossroads Primary (Thurso); Castletown Primary; Bower Primary (Wick); Culloden Academy (Inverness); Craighill Primary (Tain); Dornoch Academy; Inver Primary; Stoer Primary and Gairloch High School.’

But they are being opposed, as the article at the above link explains:

‘HIGHLAND Council’s policy of erecting 6kw micro wind turbines at schools is putting pupils at risk, a north-west Sutherland woman has claimed.
Dr Stephanie James, of The Smithy House, Stoer, wrote this week highlighting her concerns to the authority’s top official, chief executive Alistair Dodds.
She fears it is only a matter of time before there is a fatality caused by a turbine malfunction.
Dr James, who has previously contacted planners a number of times about her concerns, decided to take action again after a blade flew off a small domestic turbine situated behind Rhu Stoer Village Hall.
No-one was hurt in the incident which happened at Hogmanay.
Dr James was among a number of people who objected to the erection of both the micro turbine at the eight-pupil Stoer Primary and the one at the village hall.
Planning consent for the Proven WT6000 turbine, mounted on a 15metre column at Stoer school, was granted in April last year. The 6kw turbine has a rotor diameter of 5.5metres.
The 15m high Eoltec Scirocco turbine at the hall was given the go-ahead by planners in November 2010 and erected six months ago.
The council has pursued a policy of erecting turbines either on school buildings or in school grounds in a bid to save money and to boost their green credentials.
A similar turbine at the Rhue Stoer Hall was also given the go-ahead in November 2010 and erected amid much controversy.
In her letter to the chief executive, Dr James points out the failure in November 2009 of a 50metre high wind turbine installed at Raasay School which collapsed and landed in the school playing field.
She claimed that in recent years there had been 66 fatalities with many more injuries in the UK as a result of various wind turbine malfunctions.
She states: "Pieces of blade are documented as travelling up to 1300 metres and blade pieces have gone through roofs and walls of nearby buildings.
"Other serious incidents have occurred through structural failure from poor quality control, lack of maintenance and component failure. As turbines are now being placed in relatively close proximity to buildings, including schools, the accident frequency is expected to rise." ‘

We can add this to reports relayed on this site of the school room unfit for use because it was too cold by design, and the school rooms unfit for use because they were too cold by choice of the headmaster, and the school turbine shut down for killing birds and distressing children in the school grounds. [note added 6 Feb 2012: toilets to save the planet become a health risk in a Florida school] A report of the Raasay incident mentioned above is given here, from which the following extract is taken:

'Wind blades fell in school yard

Published: 21/11/2009
Parents of youngsters at the 18-pupil Raasay Primary School were asked to collect their children following the incident on November 13.
The 50ft turbine will “remain out of commission” until an investigation has been carried out.
The 6KW machine was installed at the school earlier this month, but was soon the subject of complaints due to the noise it was making.’

These are examples of so-far minor harm from policies driven by climate alarmism, and they illustrate the foolishness that such policies can drive people to.  Scotland will increasingly look ridiculous as the rush into renewable energy increases costs, increases risks to life and limb, reduces reliability of supply, increases damage to the environment, and brings degradation of wild places with industrial equipment that will be abandoned and left to rot as and when the subsidies dry up.  And dry up they must as other countries pursue the possibilities for far cheaper energy from shale gas and methane hydrates, not to mention the more familiar coal, gas, nuclear, and oil reserves, making Scottish industry uncompetitive and Scottish domestic life impoverished in comparison. 

P.S. It is happening in the States as well, as this report from Indiana shows: 'Opposition is forming to the Eastern Howard School Board’s plans to install a 350-foot-tall wind turbine on the southern edge of Greentown.' (hat-tip: Industrial Wind Action Group)

Note added 09 May 2012 'Wind turbines at 16 schools in the Highlands have been turned off amid concerns about the planning and installation of the devices.  Highland Council commissioned checks of where turbines were sited after worries were raised by councillors and members of the public.  The local authority said the operation of the turbines would be suspended until risks were fully assessed.  Three secondary schools and 13 primaries are involved.'  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-18003157

Note added 04 September 2013 'Two blades were ripped from the 18m high turbine in the Scottish Highlands and thrown up to 60 yards away after it was hit by 40mph gales. A third was left badly buckled.
The incident has led to calls for all wind turbines to be removed from school playgrounds in the Highlands as the council’s safety trigger for turbines to be shut down currently stands at 80mph winds – 6mph above hurricane force.'  

Note added 12 December 2013:'The high winds were so strong last Thursday that an arm of the turbine at Seascale School flew off and landed 200 yards away in a field.'   Head teacher revealed as a useful idiot:  'Gillian Hartley, headteacher at Seascale Primary School, said the turbines are designed to work in high winds but last week’s weather was exceptional.  Mrs Hartley said: “It was extreme circumstances. Once the turbine is fixed it will be perfectly safe. The maintenance company don’t envisage it happening again.”
(hat-tip Bishop Hill commenter on UnthreadedDec 12, 2013 at 3:53 PM | Registered CommenterPhillip Bratby)

Note added 13 December 2013: 'The wind turbine at Seascale Primary School had been approved in the economic interests of the school. However, it was agreed that the turbine had subsequently presented more than the expected visual and auditory intrusion for the local community and that the proposed 
economic benefits to the school had not materialised.' Extract from a letter in 2012 from Seascale Parish Council (http://www.seascale.org.uk/Copeland%20BC%20re%20Mawson%20monopole%20mast,%2016%20Apr%202012-1.pdf )
(hat-tip Bishop Hill commenter on UnthreadedDec 13, 2013 at 1:26 AM | Unregistered CommenterGareth)

Note added 22 December 2014.  A turbine has fallen over again in the north of Scotland. 
'A PUBLICLY funded, £37,000 wind turbine sited next to a community hall in north-west Sutherland has crashed to the ground for a second time.
The tower of the 15-metre high turbine at remote Rhue Stoer Hall, north of Lochinver, snapped in two last Thursday, sending the gear box housing and blades tumbling to the ground. It is the second such structural failure in two years.
The turbine was reported to be "askew" and making a "funny noise" just prior to the crash.
Members of the Rhue Stoer Community Association, which runs the hall, were remaining tight lipped about the latest occurrence. But the incident has reignited concerns about siting small-scale wind turbines close to public buildings, particularly schools.'

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Fang Tentmate said...

All sad but true. The Scottish Government seems determined to do all it can to inflict a disproportionate amount of risk on all ages of the people of Caithness and Sutherland through multiple turbine installations. Perhaps someone is thinking that "they may as well get used to it from an early age". There seems to be little prospect that any objections will have any effect. It remains my prediction that, in time, there will be those who feel so abused and disenfranchised that they will resort to direct action to remove the offending structures...and who could blame them. A good source for what is happening in the far north is http://www.caithnesswindfarms.co.uk/