'Kirstein also believes that climate scientists are irresponsibly using climate science to spread fear and panic among the population, and says that Potsdam Institute Director Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber “ought to be happy he does not reside in Switzerland” because there falsely spreading fear among the public is punishable with up to 3 years in prison.'


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Climate campaigners' classroom turpitude captured for future studies of depravity at work

'Why did they think ruthlessly killing children was funny? –
because in their heads, they weren’t killing children,
…they were killing deniers.'

Jo Nova has done sterling work in documenting and providing insight into what led to the 10:10 video in which the producers fantasise about utterly destroying, at the press of a button, those who show the slightest reluctance to toe the party line on climate.  Including young children in a classroom.  
The whole thing deserves deep study.  The paper by Jo Nova has been published by the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI), and can be downloaded as a pdf from here: (1) 
Kudos to the SPPI for publishing this.  Kudos to Jo Nova for creating it.  She gives a summary and background at her own blog (2).
It provides some provocative speculations as to what led to the creation of the video, speculations which deserve to be shared widely and investigated further.  Given that the scientific case for alarm about CO2 in the atmosphere is so shoddy, the motivation for such an arrogant, aggressive, and deeply malevolent video must come from elsewhere.  Is it the same motivation that drove Maurice Strong to call for the destruction of industrial civilisation? (more background on Strong here: refs (3) below).  Is it the same motivation that led James Lee to terrorise the employees of a broadcasting company  in the States?  (4).   Or, at the milder end of this sorry spectrum, was it what led three women to barge their way into the offices of a newspaper whose editorials they happened to disagree with? (5)  
Meanwhile, and more in the background, there seems no end to the initiatives aimed at pushing children into conformance to the party line on climate.  Here is a recent report of one in the States called ACE (6).  Links to many more can be found on the Page on climate sites aimed at schools (7).  Many of them do not hesitate to use scary imagery and doomladen notions to win attention and obedience.  

This is a veritable moral swamp that needs to be drained.  Standing at the edges of it, we can see unpleasantness, scaremongering, arrogance, ignorance, intolerance, brutality, destructiveness, and terrorism.  Quite a result to follow from the speculative insertion of a dramatic effect for CO2 into computer models of the climate!  Fortunately the real climate has displayed no such role for this beneficial gas.  In our world, the dramatic role for CO2 is found in its impact on plant growth.



Speedy said...

That we should permit our children to be exposed to this deception is immoral! Why are the people who espouse these views without basis not held accountable???

And why are those whose silence allows this permitted to feel innocent?

Anonymous said...

But wait, there's more: The reaction by Greenpeace about the aftermath shows their agenda, see "SplatterGate: When Greenpeace is given lemons, they make lemonade" http://www.freedompub.org/profiles/blogs/splattergate-when-greenpeace

Excerpt: "In this case, the Greenpeace spokesperson once again deflects the narrative back to their propaganda about scheming skeptics, and you know this will soon be regurgitated by left-wing bloggers in viral form. Thus, the fundamental premise of the video is promoted after all – anybody with opposing viewpoints must be viewed with suspicion."