Why is there so much preoccupation with atmospheric CO2 concentrations and reducing anthropogenic CO2 emissions when it is well documented in the peer-reviewed scientific literature that the CO2 contribution to the overall greenhouse effect is so weak that it can be easily supplanted by small changes in clouds and water vapor, or natural climate-changing constituents?


Friday, 4 January 2013

More of this please: helping children escape from climate scaremongering

Seen in a post by Ian Johnson at Climate Change Dispatch .

More Blunt cartoons linked to climate here: http://bluntbyknutz.wordpress.com/blunt-weather/


  1. It's not just a standstill. It's a 30 year natural slight decline from 1998 to 2028. Read what Geoff Wood (qualified in astrophysics) has explained ..


    The following are excerpts ..

    "As Doug has said about a dozen times, gravity modifies the mean free path between collisions. That is ‘every’ upward, ‘every’ downward ‘every’ sideways, ‘every’, ‘every’ free molecular path between collisions is modified. Therefore it is impossible for the modified ‘collisions’ that result, not to impart the gravitational ‘information’ into the macroscopic development of the gravitational thermal profile. This is the ‘diffusion’ process.

    "At this point, we have a reasonable depiction of the thermal profile of ANY atmosphere. FROM BASIC PHYSICS.

    "Given a simple reason why any atmosphere tends towards this isentropic profile as depicted and described by entry level physics, why would anyone look for a more complicated reason to explain what we already know!"

    The point which Geoff and I make is that the "33 degrees of warming" supposedly caused by water vapour and carbon dioxide etc was already there due to the effect of gravity on the atmosphere. This happens on all planets, and also fully explains why the poles of Venus are over 720K, even though they receive less than 1W/m^2 of direct insolation from the Sun. For more detail read my article "The 21st Century New Paradigm Shift in Climate Change Science" easily found with Google. I've also recorded an introductory 10 minute video here http://youtu.be/r8YbyfqUvfY

    Doug Cotton

  2. http://briefingroom.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c51bc53ef0154321c3271970c-popup
    Above is a link to the brainwashing of pupils in NZ schools at the hands of the NZ govt. The govt. sets the curriculum for schools and this is the starting point for this "greenhouse" crap. It continues right through to university. How is a young receptive mind able to fathom any fault in this so called established knowledge.

  3. Many thanks for these two comments.
    Re New Zealand, the material you link to is already noted in the Climate-Curricula page (http://climatelessons.blogspot.co.uk/p/climate-curricula-school-curricula.html). I'd be glad of any further information you could find on climate curricula / school activities in NZ.