'There is no climate crisis, but there is a crisis of climate superstition, fraud, incompetence, and censorship. And it is being used to terrify children and threaten the future of western civilization.'

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Friday, 22 February 2019

The cruel arrogance of Unicef traumatising little children in a school.

The Press and Journal has the story:

Parents slam ‘cruel’ disaster drill in Inverness after children are left traumatised

Furious parents claim their children were left traumatised following a disaster exercise at an Inverness primary school.

The backlash has forced international charity Unicef – which organised the simulation project and chose Lochardil Primary as one of only two UK schools to take part – to review how it runs the scheme.

During the event, primarily for primary six and seven pupils, organisers told children a month’s worth of rainfall had struck the Highland capital overnight – but the emergency services couldn’t come straight away, so they had to look after themselves and each other.
Photo: The Press & Journal

Classroom furniture was overturned and cordons put in place around the school, with a police officer in attendance and a teacher role playing they had sustained a broken arm.

Parents have hit out after they say they were handed no prior warning in relation to last Friday’s event and questioned the motive, claiming it went to unnecessary lengths for little or no gain.'

Totally Out of Order
One parent of a child at the school is reported as saying: 'There was no need for them not to tell the children that this was a drill. '

Another parent: 'I am really annoyed about the whole thing. I was very confused as to how it could go ahead without parents being told something.  I thought it was quite cruel and all it did was create a quite traumatic and negative experience.  It was totally out of order.'

I hope the parents sue them, and the education authority running that school.

Some Background Notes 
There can be little doubt that 'climate alarmism' motivated this disgraceful event.  Unicef ( and Unesco for that matter), have been building up to this for years now.  On this blog alone, there are several references to their arrogant, aggressive attitudes to using children as political levers for climate alarm campaigns.  

Here's two of the earliest ones:

Exhibit 1: Unicef in 2011
By what stretch of a tortured imagination, can it be found desirable to abandon the basic adult responsibility of protecting the young from being terrified of their future?  The fact that this abandonment is based ultimately on computer models that can be tweaked to produce anything the owners of them want to see [apart from verisimilitude] is even more jaw-dropping.

Here it is happening in Africa.  Read this extract from a press release by UNICEF dated 31 October 2011:

Exhibit 2: Unicef in 2012
Denmark.  A blogpost describes the extent of politicisation of climate scaremongering in the UN and elsewhere.  Some attention is given to a resource manual produced by UNICEF: '

'Stephanie Hodge, education program specialist for UNICEF, said: “Our current climate change education is “antiquated” and in dire need of renovation. We should be asking What is global citizenship? Climate change education is really about a process of change, about starting transformation through education.” I.e.: it’s also about a restructuring of the children’s brains - brainwashing for the NWO. To help bring about this change and transformation, UNICEF, with help from its sister agency, UNESCO, has come up with a new curriculum guide, entitled, Climate Change and transformation, Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in the Education Sector: Resource Manual.
The UNICEF Resource Manual opens with this paragraph: “I am the present and the future. A victim of climate change, I live in a region that is constantly affected by disasters. Hurricanes and floods are my reality.”  — Walter, a 12-year-old boy from Belize.

And the most recent one:

Exhibit 3: Unicef in 2018
'This Friday, December 14th, during the Climate Change Conference COP24 in Katowice, young Polish delegates will take part in a discussion panel entitled “No climate for young generation…”, organized by UNICEF Poland and The UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre.'
The intellectual and/or moral poverty of climate alarm campaigners has been easy to illustrate for years.  This latest COP parade adds to the pile.  As more and more adults are able to tackle, refute, and object to the specious and hyperbolic claims of those seek to raise alarm over our impact on climate variation, it makes sense for campaigners to increase their already substantial attention on children - not only to brainwash them for future use, but also to use them now as levers on political power. 

More details here: https://climatelessons.blogspot.com/2018/12/cop24-climate-alarm-pr-idea-lets-try.html

Note added 23 Feb 2019.  More newspapers have also reported on this event:
Note added 20 Mar 2019.  The sinister aspects of this event are made more apparent by studying Sowell's steps in brainwashing:
'1. Emotional stress, shock, or de-sensitization, to break down both intellectual and emotional resistance

2. Isolation, whether physical or emotional, from familiar sources of emotional support in resistance

3. Cross-examining pre-existing values, often by manipulating peer pressure

4. Stripping the individual of normal defences, such as reserve, dignity, a sense of privacy, or the ability to decline to participate

5. Rewarding acceptance of the new attitudes, values, and beliefs - a reward which can be simply release from the pressures inflicted on those who resist, or may take other symbolic or tangible form."'