So if the models are so hopelessly riddled with errors and uncertainty that an anthropogenic radiative forcing signal cannot be distinguished from noise, or if the total magnitude of the warming attributed to humans is one-tenth to one-hundredth of the error or uncertainty ranges, why are those who dare question the degree to which humans affect the Earth’s climate branded as “deniers” of science?

Kenneth Richard,

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Links to useful resources on the Internet

I am looking for ways to share web links to useful resources, and am currently trying Diigo for this.

I want to make available to others, the set of links which I am building up, and which I find useful for insight into climate materials, and also for finding rebuttals of climate alarmism. I anticipate that something like this should provide help for anyone encountering poor teaching materials, and looking for ammunition to help get them improved.

It is not clear to me how best to share the links yet. Suggestions would be most welcome.

In the meantime, here is a .csv file containing 127 links, searchable using the column entitled 'Tags'. It opens easily using Excel:


  1. I use delicious. You can tag links and publish them as a feed. Mine here

  2. No suggestion for sharing but here is another link from the Financial Post (a sub section of the printed Canadian National Post newspaper


  3. JS

    Welcome to the blogosphere! It's great that you intend to focus on an important topic that has long needed investigation and exposure.

    I think that I may have some links that could be useful if you haven't seen them already, so I'll try to dig them out.

    Best wishes for the success of Climate Lessons.

    TonyN, Harmless Sky

  4. Thank you for these comments.
    Re Delicious. It does look better than Diigo - I don't think it allows direct sharing of my set of references. I'll stick with it a bit longer until I find out more about its limitations/options.
    Re Canadian Post link. I've added that to my set. A brief, well-written overview.
    And finally, appreciate your good wishes TonyN. I have often visited your site and been impressed.

  5. Delicious now up and running. See 'My Delicious Bookmarks' at the bottom right of the homepahe.