'There is no climate crisis, but there is a crisis of climate superstition, fraud, incompetence, and censorship. And it is being used to terrify children and threaten the future of western civilization.'

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Another straw in the wind - here is a teacher who has had enough of 'climate porn'

Bishop Hill has extracted this comment posted below a piece in the Daily Telegraph (a piece written by their WWF Spokesperson Louise Gray):

"This article is the last straw. For six years I have had to bit my tongue while force-feeding this climate anthropogenic global warming nonsense into the increasingly sceptical minds of my science school learners. They all know it's a scam. I know it's a scam. They all know that we will be notionally 1010ed if we don't all toe the party line, give the "government approved" answer in the exams, fill in the approved plans, but carry on as normal. I cannot seriously go into a school next term and carry on like this.

Consequently I hereby declare that, metaphorically, the next parent, head of science, head teacher, school governor, local education authority jobsworth, central government apparatchik, or UK energy minister who tells me have to teach this climate porn to under-16s or lose my job will be kebabed on a hockey stick and fed to the polar bear packs currently massing under my window seeking warmth. And any kid who dares to submit an assignment consisting of material cut'n'pasted from these Louise Gray's WWF press releases will be spreadeagled on a stationary wind turbine in the North Sea.

I call upon all teachers to join me in this declaration, and to organise a welcome back party to all UK attendees from Cancun"

And in the comments beneath the Bishop's post, a commenter called Trefor Jones writes:

"I concur totally with the sentiment. During the latter years of my long career as a head of geography I became totally disillussioned with the nonsense that I was supposed to teach and examine. The students, staff members ( apart from the young and ambitious) privately shared the doubts, especially mathematics teachers who understood that you cannot predict a chaotic system. It came to a head when I ignored an opportunity to take a group of children to see "An Inconvenient Truth", and was promptly sent a copy of this eco-nonsense by courier directly to my classroom. Unfortunately, following a very nasty accident I have had to finish teaching. However, I do not miss the climate change elements of the course which had morphed over the past decade from geography to environmnetally inaccurate propaganda. The Green lobby which has invaded so many of our national institutions are in my eyes nothing less than rather dangerous totalitarian fascists."

 And 'JohnOfEnfield' also appears again (see my previous post) with this comment:

From my own experience: -
1. Teachers are beginning to coach children on this rather than just spout the propaganda. "What is the most common gas in the atmosphere?", "CO2, it is a toxic gas Miss". "What does toxic mean?". ...."So CO2 is NOT toxic then?". etc.
2. Head of sixth form "I can't get teachers to teach this c**p!".
And I thought I was a lone voice, crying in the wilderness."

Hope and change spring eternal!